• Dear Old Brightonians,


    This has been a year in which once again the focus has been on creating an environment where every child feels valued for who he or she is. That’s not always easy amidst the maelstrom of hormonal change that bedevils teenagers (and no doubt drives one or two parents to distraction). But I think we succeed far more often than we fail. And I see this each day in the genuinely warm and supportive relations between pupils. Sometimes, we forget that this same focus on self-worth is also one of the key factors in pupils’ academic success. This is not very surprising. Young people who are happy in their own skins are always going to be more open to throwing themselves into their studies or indeed into their sport, music, drama and dance.

  • Brighton College GCSE Results 2016

    Thursday, 25 August 2016

    Dear Old Brightonians,

    I am writing to report some wonderful GCSE results. Incredibly, out of 2,080 exams sat, every single one was a C or better, with the most common grade being an A*.

  • Dear Old Brightonians,


    Two years ago, a boy came to see me in my study to tell me that he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer and was about to embark on a gruelling course of chemotherapy. He was 17 years old at the time. Thankfully, he is now fully recovered.


    Almost four years ago, on the first day of term, a 14-year old girl, Naishel, collapsed in the corridor outside Seldon House unable to breathe. She died on her way to hospital. I can still remember ‘phoning her mother to tell her that her daughter was dead. My words were hopelessly inadequate but I still remember every one. Hours later, I gathered Naishel’s year group together in chapel and told them too. I can still picture that moment. A dark, cold, January morning. Children too stunned to speak or even to cry.

  • Dear Old Brightonians,


    I bring news of terrific A-level results. By every measure, these are comfortably our best ever:

    A*/A 82.7% (74.15% in 2014)

    A*/B 98.1% (94.0% in 2014)

    A*/C 100% (98.9% in 2014)


    To give you some indication of how well the Upper Sixth has done, the A* - B percentage places Brighton ahead of where Westminster, Eton and Winchester were last year.

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