• President's letter Autumn 2005

    Thursday, 01 September 2005
    David Gold (S. 1986-91) at OB Day 2005 Dear Old Brightonians,

    This is proving to be a tremendous year for the Old Brightonians. As reported elsewhere on this website our social events have been proving more popular than ever and reunions are taking place across the generations. It is especially pleasing to see so many young members getting involved, though our sports teams still need players, so please contact John Aiken if you’re interested (talented or not!).

    The Annual Dinner in November has sold out but we have made additional space by booking the Blackshaw Room as well as the Dining Hall, so some tickets are still available. There are a number of reunions taking place that evening including a 1980 Silver Reunion, and a gathering of the 1949 PT Team, while the OB Lodge will be hosting two tables. We are also offering all post-1997 leavers discounted tickets as this will be Dr Seldon’s last formal engagement with the OBA as Headmaster. There are already over 120 guests confirmed, and many more who have reserved tickets, so if you would like to join us, please contact us without delay.
  • Dear Old Brightonians,

    Not just Old Boys! - Anyone who believed the Old Brightonian Association was just a bunch of old men would be surprised these days. For one thing, we’re not all men – girls have been educated at Brighton College for more than two decades now and I am pleased to see that more and more of them are returning to OB events such as the London Drinks (next one 10 May!).

  • President's letter Winter 2004

    Monday, 01 November 2004
    David Gold (S. 1986-91) Dear Old Brightonians around the World,

    It is a privilege to be President of the Association of Old Brightonians and I relish the challenges ahead – not least, getting to know the thousands of Old Brightonians.
  • President's letter Winter 2003

    Saturday, 01 November 2003
    The President addresses the reunion dinner to celebrate 30 years of girls at BC We had a good year last year in relation to the OBA, there was an especially successful reunion dinner to celebrate the 30 years of co-education in the College. The Association is still working to foster a partnership relationship with the College which is going well so far, we had a successful Old Brightonians Day in September which was the first of many we hope, since the College has now adopted Commemoration Day for its speech day and graduation ceremony, so we will see how the OB day works in the next few years. We would like to stress that all OBs are still welcome to attend the St Peter's Day service on commemoration day, despite the day not being dedicated in the same way to Old Brightonians. Any feedback on events would be appreciated.
  • President's letter Winter 2002

    Friday, 01 November 2002
    This is just a note in my new capacity as President of the Association to say hello, and thank you to Richard for all his hard work over the past two years; he is a hard act to follow. I am pleased to be the first woman president particularly in the run up to celebrating 30 years of girls at the College.
  • President's letter Summer 2005

    Wednesday, 01 June 2005
    David Gold (S. 1986-91)Dear Old Brightonians,

    As Brighton College celebrates its 160th anniversary, in spite of several near misses, it is good to see the place continuing to evolve, experiment, and adapt. I am sure that just as Anthony Seldon will be missed when he leaves us at the end of December, so the newly appointed Headmaster, Richard Cairns, will make his own mark and make his own changes. Sometimes we will approve of those changes, other times not, but he will be aware that to retain the College’s position as a school of excellence, standing still is not an option.
  • President's letter Spring 2005 I

    Tuesday, 01 March 2005
    David Gold (S. 1986-91)Dear Old Brightonians,

    This year we celebrate 160 years of Brighton College and it is a delight to see the place in such good shape - consistent successes in sports locally and nationally, (and even internationally!), star performances in Drama, Dance, Public Speaking, Art, Music; the creation of a new charity to help communities affected by the Tsunami disaster in Sri Lanka in addition to the College’s many other charitable involvements, the continued strength of the Cadet Force, the strength of the Chapel, the roll-out of new facilities and new buildings – there has never been a time to be more proud to count ourselves as Old Brightonians.
  • President's letter Summer 2004

    Tuesday, 01 June 2004
    The President addresses the reunion dinner to celebrate 30 years of girls at BC Hello Old Brightonians wherever you may be in the world. I would like to get more of you involved on an international basis - maybe a representative from each country or continent? Please could you email Fiona Aiken in the OB office (address below) if you are interested in sending in news from say the USA, Australiasia, Asia or a mainland European country and we will arrange a page on our website for you. I was working in Pakistan a few years back and whilst waiting in the Mott MacDonald office in Karachi I bumped into Andrew Gubbin, who had been there for sometime. It was lovely to see him and to catch up - it also proved what a small world it is out there. When I was in New Zealand 18months ago I wrote to all the recorded OBs there - they all got together for an evening and are hopefully still in touch. It is a great resource if you do happen to go travelling or working overseas, particularly for the school leavers/gap year students, to know that there is an emergency contact available. So please use the resource it is there for us all to use.
  • Hello all out there and welcome to the new tax year and 30 years of girls at Brighton College!
    It has been quite a year for me and, I suspect, for quite a lot of you out there.

    I can feel the sadness that Daniel Braden’s family must be feeling; the shock, unjustness, anger and deep love. Although I can’t imagine how it must feel to lose your brother or son, I did lose my mother very suddenly last year and a close friend was ruthlessly, violently and needlessly killed, so I can understand the deep sense of loss and all the other emotions that come with it.
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