• Edward Carpenter was an early gay activist who also helped found the Labour Party. He was a philosopher, poet and political activist.

  • Born: 1939.

    Nigel Kemble-Clarkson (A. 1953-57) is a cheerful raconteur with a great sense of the ridiculous, and a practised eye for the ladies. Nigel Kemble-Clarkson (A. 1953-57) is a cheerful raconteur with a great sense of the ridiculous, and a practised eye for the ladies.

    His comic teenage experiences in pantomime and early introduction to the allure of the female sex set the stage for the years to come. A spell in the Army, living the colonial life in Nigeria, provided an exotic backdrop to his early enjoyment of wine, women and song. His subsequent career at Lloyds brought opportunities for fast living and luxury travel, including residential interludes in the United States.
  • Peter Gareth Mayle - author of many bestsellers including "A Year in Provence" and "Wicked Willie".

    Born: 1939.
  • Daniel Peltz, former British Land director and founder of retail property investor London Freeholds, has won rave reviews for his second novel.

    It is unusual for a property stalwart to write one, let alone two, novels. The Sunday Express, awarding a four-star rating, describes Daniel Peltz’s second novel Out of the Blue, published in October, as ‘one of the best war stories you’ll read this year’. Another review refers to it as ‘a highly emotional and beautifully constructed novel’.

  • Chloe Coker (nee Blackburn) (F. 1994-99) left Brighton College to study modern languages at Oxford University and then practised law for an American law firm in the city, where she specialised in fraud litigation. However, her life has now taken a very different path, which she recently wrote in to tell us about...
  • Dr Paul E H Davis (D. 1974-79), who lives in Hove, Sussex, was educated at Brighton College, the University of Chichester, and the University of Buckingham where he studied for his Masters' degrees, and later for his D.Phil. He has researched nineteenth-century Anglo-Irish literature for nearly two decades beginning with the novels of J S Le Fanu and then moving on both to identify and to examine the sub-genre of Irish agrarian novels. Although he has had several articles published, From Castle Rackrent to Castle Dracula is his first book. He is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Buckingham working on the Dickens Journals Online project - which is based at the University - and is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.
  • Novelist and poet, born in Plymouth, Devon, SW England, UK.

    He studied at Oxford, and took up school teaching until he established a reputation as a lyric poet with Dublin Days (1921), The Lowery Road (1923), and other volumes. He also wrote novels, including Dewer Rides (1929), a macabre novel set in Dartmoor, and Deliverance (1955). His collection of short stories, Travellers (1945), won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize.
  • William Leith is a journalist who has written about subjects as diverse as cosmetic surgery, Palestine, Hollywood directors, and drugs. His first book, The Hungry Years: Confessions of a Food Addict, was published by Bloomsbury in August 2005...
  • Starting initially as a journalist in the UK, Sophia ( wrote about art, fashion, media and technology for The Independent newspaper, The Guardian, Time Out (London), Black + White (Studio Magazines in Australia), Out (NYC), International Broadcast and Screen International. Sophia then went digital, leading digital media ventures for Hearst's U.K. operations (The National Magazine Company Ltd.) from 1999 to 2001.

  • Author and winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing, 2005.

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