Report: Brighton assembled for their first meeting, the Secretary's Cup at West Sussex on Sunday, 19th March 2017

Report: Brighton assembled for their first meeting, the Secretary's Cup at West Sussex on Sunday, 19th March 2017

Written by  Julian Hunt (D. 1984-87) Sunday, 19 March 2017

Sixteen OB's of different vintages and abilities assembled into two teams in a friendly match which pits the Secretary against the President. Only on this occasion our Hon. President Chris Pett, had more important business to attend to as he is currently leading the Seniors on tour in Australia. Geoffrey Bush kindly agreed to provide Locum cover. 

In blustery conditions but fortified by a classic West Sussex 'Full English' the Presidents first pair of Roly Ainsworth & Mark Budd fired 4 birdies in a superb victory over Jules Hunt & Michael Mudie. In Match 2 Jules Tate & Patrick Spencer were deadlocked against Warwick Sabey & Eliot Cloy whilst in Match 3 the Presidents team of Adrian White & Nigel Dearsly produced a vintage performance to record a strong victory over Neville Abraham & Alan Malby. Match 4 provided the sole victory for the Secretary's team with Freddie Pett & Robin Colbourne combining to beat Ben Roberts & Geoffrey Bush on the 18th.


The OB's retired for tea & cake and the Cup was presented to Geoffrey Bush. Six of the 'younger' generation returned to the course whilst the remainder sensibly stayed inside and chatted.


It was an excellent start to the year combing the objectives of being a social event and, for some a warm-up to the Halford Hewitt where Brighton are due to take on Ampleforth on 6th April.

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