Thursday, 14 May 2015

Despite the rather grotty weather, by 10.30 on Thursday we had over 40 Old Brightonians, as well as a few long suffering partners come together in Scott’s Café for a quick cup of coffee and a welcome from Alan Bird – Deputy Headmaster.

Everyone then split off into groups to look around the science block. When it was built in 1958, these 9 laboratories were state of the art, but I think after trying to manoeuvre our way around, most would agree they are perhaps now a little smaller than remembered! Director of Science, Tom Gravestock spoke about the plans for a new science building before we all managed to find our way out, through the rain to Chapel where Father Robert conducted an, as always, unique service.

OBs were then invited to climb the 89 steps all the way to the top of our new Gate tower, which most did very in very sprightly fashion, before returning once more to the warmth of the Ginger Dog for a spot of lunch.

Thank you to all who came for another enjoyable day, it was lovely to see you all, and special thanks to Bob Peters (Br. 1939-40) who took the title of Oldest Old Brightonian for the day!

In Attendance:

Chris Apps (Hampden/Aldrich 1942-1946)
Peter Bowles (Aldrich 1945-1950) & Janet Bowles
Richard Frizell (Aldrich 1947-1950)
Jeremy Drayson (Bristol 1948-1952)
Jack Hayes (Leconfield/School 1949-1953) & Marian Hayes
Ken Harris (School 1949-1954)
Robert Taunton (Durnford 1951-1954)
Anthony Vernon (Bristol 1950-1954)
Timothy Chapman (Bristol 1950-1955)
Graham Appleton (Durnford 1953-1957) & Polly Appleton
Tim Loadsman (Leconfield 1951-1957)
David Pincus (Durnford 1950-1957) & Anne Pincus
John Spink (Hampden 1953-1957)
Malcolm Paris (Aldrich 1954-1958) & Angela Paris
Christopher Wilson (Durnford 1955-1958)
Victor Courtice (Leconfield 1955-1959)
Roger Mason (Chichester 1956-1959) & Margaret Mason
Nicholas Betteridge (Durnford 1956-1961)
Adrian Harland (Chichester 1956-1961)
Rodney Langridge (Aldrich 1953-1961)
Tom Salmons (Leconfield 1957-1961)
Anthony Arnold-Boakes (Hampden 1957-1962)
Hal Mileham (Chichester 1959-1963)
Nat Trotman (Hampden 1961-1964)
Michael Bishop (Chichester 1960-1965)
Philip Mitchell (Hampden 1960-1965)
Ronald Gamble (Leconfield 1961-1966)
Barry Moore (Leconfield 1963-1967)
Richard Tidmarsh (Aldrich 1965-1969) & Louise Tidmarsh
David Wagg (Aldrich 1965-1969)
Tony Whitestone
Hilda Williamson
Beryl Gardner
Joyce Heater

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