Mark Green (A. 1973-1978), Ingram Losner (D. 1973-1978, OB USA Ambassdor), Joey Appleton (D. 1979-1984), Nick Muston (D. 1975-1980)
Thursday, 07 March 2013

The Old Brightonians Vice-Presidents Luncheon was held on Thursday 7th March in the splendid Library of The Army & Navy Club, Pall Mall. Our usual host, Peter Miller (C. 1945-1949) sadly could not join us as he is re-cooperating after a major operation. However, our thoughts were very much with him and he was duly very much talked of and missed by the Old Brightonians in attendance.

We look forward to seeing Peter up and about and at next year's luncheon. In the meantime John Crosthwaite MBE (H. 1946-1949) filled in splendidly, and our thanks go to John for his handling of this rather disparate rabble of OBs, with good humour and panache. Not to be outdone by grace being given in Welsh the previous year by Derek Jones (C. 1945-1951), John delivered grace in Swahili much to the surprise of our latest luncheon guests at the end of the table. (A small group of OBs from the 1970s and 80s had joined the luncheon this year, which was lovely to see, though they did insist on taking photos and using facebook to speak to each other!).

A wonderful luncheon followed and John also queried whether or not this event should continue to be entitled 'Vice-Presidents' as fewer and fewer actual Vice-Presidents are actually in attendance. Discussions followed and ideas will be presented to Sir John Chilcot (H/S 1952-1957), Old Brightonians President, in due course. Matt Godfrey, Director of Boarding, House Master of School House, delivered an impassioned and very well received speech about the state of the nation at the College, and took questions from the floor.

Tony Whitestone (Brighton College Common Room 1971-2006 & OBA President 2007-10) thanked John for his duties as host on behalf of the Old Brightonians present. A most convivial time was had by all, which then continued in the bar upstairs.

This in attendance included:

Graham Appleton (D. 1953-1957)

Joey Appleton (D. 1979-1984)

Peter Best (A. 1951-1954)

Michael Bishop (C. 1960-1965)

Peter Bowles (A. 1945-1950)

John Bushell (L. 1978-1983)

Stephen Cockburn (S. 1953-1958)

John Crosthwaite MBE (H. 1946-1949)

Chris Davison (A./B. 1953-1959)

Mark Green (A. 1973-1978)

Derek Jones (C. 1945-1951)

Tim Loadsman (L. 1951-1957)

Ingram Losner (D. 1973-1978, OB USA Ambassdor)

Tony Merrifield (H. 1953-1958)

Jeremy Miles (C. 1951-1956)

Nicholas Muston (D. 1975-1980)

David Nelson-Smith (H. 1949-1955)

Malcolm Paris OBE (A. 1954-1958)

Leonard Rea (H/C. 1946-1951)

Tom Salmons (L. 1957-1961)

Tony Whitestone (Brighton College Common Room 1971-2006 OBA President 2007-10)


Brighton College Staff

Debra Chalmers, Director of Development & Alumni Relations

Rebecca Findlay, Old Brightonians Officer

Matthew Godfrey, Director of Boarding, House Master School House



Neville Abraham (B. 1950-1955)

John Aiken (A. 1976-1981)

Fiona Aiken (F. 1979-1981)

Jason Andrews (D. 1983-1988)

Chris Apps (H/A. 1942-1946)

Timothy Bavin (C. 1949-1954)

Chris Bidwell

Marko Bijster (D. 1946-1949)

Bill Blackshaw (Brighton College Headmaster 1971-1987)

Harry Bourne (D. 1954-1958)

Alex Bremer (R. 1979-83)

Richard Brightwell (A. 1970-1975)

Sir Richard Buxton (L/B. 1950-1956)

Michael Cayley (H. 1963-1968)

Sir John Chilcot (H/S. 1952-1957) Old Brightonians President

Peter Cockburn (S. 1959-64)

Timothy Corbett (B. 1962-1966)

Peter Dingemans (D. 1948-1952)

Ian Dodd (H. 1955-1960)

Hugh Elphick (A. 1960-1966)

David Gold (S. 1986-1991)

Jane Haviland (F. 1979-1981)

Gavin Henderson (L. 1960-65)

Dylan James (H. 1985-1991)

David Keeling (H. 1961-1966)

Alex King (A. 1988-1993)

Rod Langridge (A. 1953-1961)

Jane Larner (F. 1983-85)

John Leach (Brighton College Headmaster 1987-1997)

Geoffrey Miller MBE

Peter Miller (C. 1945-1949)

David Peerless (H. 1955-1965)

Peter Points (Brighton College Common Room 1963-1969)

John Polsue (B. 1965-69)

William Rosenberg (H. 1971-1976)

Bob Rowland (B. 1943-1949)

Mary Rumney

Daniel Scott (H. 1964-1969)

Alan Seager (C. 1948-1953)

Lord Robert Skidelsky (C. 1953-1958)

Gordon Smith (B. 1946-1952)

Chris Snell

John Spencer (Brighton College Common Room 1978-2012)

Roger Stevens (L. 1939-1943)

Andrew Symonds (A. 1955-1959)

Christopher Terleski (H. 1965-1971)

Simon Thomas (H. 1984-1989)

Andrew Waugh (C. 1972-1977)

Ian White (H/C. 1956-1962)

Julian Withers (H. 1976-1981)

Eric Womersley (C. 1943-1947)

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