Thursday, 08 March 2018

Join us for the Annual Old Brightonians President’s Luncheon hosted by Sir John Chilcot at the Travellers Club on Thursday 8th March 2018.

Travellers Club, 106 Pall Mall, London
Lounge suits

The luncheon at 1pm will be preceded by drinks at 12noon. The cost of the three course luncheon, which includes wine and coffee and petit-fours to follow, is £65 per person. 


Anthony Arnold-Boakes (Ha. 1957-1962)
Peter Best (Al. 1951-1954)
Stephen Cockburn (Le. 1953-1958)
James Collins (Al. 1980-1987)
John Crosthwaite (Ha. 1946-1949)
Jeromé Freedman (Al. 1949-1952)
Derek Jones (Ch. 1945-1951)
Tim Loadsman (Le. 1951-1957)
Tony Merrifield (Ha. 1953-1958)
Peter Miller (Ch. 1945-1949)
David Nelson-Smith (Ha. 1949-1955)
Malcolm Paris (Al. 1954-1958)
John Polsue (Br. 1965-1969)
Leonard Rea (Ha. 1946-1951)
Mike Rees (Du. 1967-1972)
Tom Salmons (Le. 1957-1961)
Jason Sugarman (Ry. 1982-1987)
Andrew Symonds (Al. 1955-1959)
David Wagg (Al. 1965-1969)
Shirley Waldron (Fe. 1976-1978)
Tony Whitestone (Common Room, 1971-2006)
James Harrison, Brighton College Archivist
Veronika Neroj, Old Brightonians
Angelina Papadopoulos, Old Brightonians
Scott Sheridan, Director of Development and Engagement
Paul Wilson, Housemaster of Abraham House

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