OBA Annual Dinner to Celebrate 30 Years of Girls at Brighton College
Written by Ruth de Mierre
Saturday, 29 November 2003

More than 80 ‘old girls’ celebrated 30 years of co-education at Brighton College at a special dinner on Saturday 29th November 2003. Speakers included Bill Blackshaw, the former Headmaster who introduced girls to the College and Lucinda Harris (F. 1973-75) who was one of the first girls to join the school. Jane Haviland (F. 1979-81), currently President of the Old Brightonians Association and the first lady elected to this post, also spoke.

The first intake consisted of just eight girls in the VI form and was a revolutionary step at the time as the College was one of the first schools in the country to “go co-ed”.

Peter Withers, a former Director of Studies at the College, who began his teaching career there at the same time, said: “Girls are an integral part of the College today. It was wonderful to see so many faces from the early days and enjoy the company of a thoroughly delightful group of impressive young ladies”.

Invited guests:
Mr & Mrs William Blackshaw (HM. 1971-87)
Mr & Mrs Richard Willmott
Julian & Alison Withers
Bruce & Ros Nichol
Miss Elizabeth Cody (Housemistress, Chichester)
Mr Philip Robinson (Director of Studies)
Mr Simon Smith (Deputy HM)
Mr & Mrs Tony Whitestone
Mr & Mrs Peter Withers
Mr & Mrs Bill Good
Chris O'Connell (ex RSM)
Sheila Hambrook (ex School Matron)

OBs who attended:
Jo Allen (F. 1983-85)
Hannah Boyden (nee Lewis, F. 1983-85)
Jane Kean (nee Larner, F. 1983-85)
Liza Caie (nee Martin, F. 1983-85)
Jane Haviland (F. 1979-81)
John Aiken (A. 1976-81)
Fiona Aiken (nee Heald, F. 1979-81)
Richard Brightwell (A. 1970-75)
Penny Lloyd (nee Allen, F. 1979-81)
Shirley Waldron (F. 1976-78)
Anna Casares (nee Stewart, F. 1974-76) & husband
Victoria Baines (F. 1990-95)
Lisa Lewis (nee Jolly, F. 1985-87)
Kathryn Wainwright (F. 1984-86)
Suzy Pope (F. 1986-88)
Fiona Craig (nee Staines, F. 1986-88)
Philippa Tandy (F. 1986-88)
Suki Coe (nee Schofield, F. 1982-84)
Carrie England (F. 1982-84)
Amanda Holden (nee Southern, F. 1982-84)
Amanda Bucknill (nee Cotton, F. 1982-84)
Martin & Lola Cary (nee Knipe, F. 1987-89)
Emma Dear (nee Fergie-Woods, F. 1987-89)
Nicky Stanton (W. 2001-03)
Nicola Trepte (F. 1981-83)
Katherine Stoddart (nee Grant, F. 1981-83)
Harriet Keys (F. 1981-83)
Colette Lister (F. 1981-83)
Kirsten Clifton (F. 1981-83)
Tracey Starmer (F. 1981-83)

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