Written by Dr Tim Whelan (L. 1969-74)
Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I am sorry to have to report the death here on the Isle of Wight on 28 October of Col David Travers Worsley Gibson (ex staff). I had seen DTWG intermittently, socially, over the years, and can vouch for the fact that he remained remarkably alert and interested until very near the end of his 92 years. He taught physics and ran the RN section of the CCF at the College. I have always been conscious of his personal influence, for he inadvertently curtailed my early ambitions to join the Royal Navy, and subsequently his one-to-one physics tuition in the final Oxbridge entrance term propelled me into Cambridge to read medicine instead.

On a happier note, a small group of us gathered at the RAC in London last month 'forty years on' to celebrate our entry into Brighton College in 1969: Nigel Carrington (L. 1969-74), Patrick Hicks (L. 1969-74), Jeremy Charles (S. 1969-74) and I. We are all still married to our (first) wives, and if I say that I am the only one not to own a ski chalet in the Alps, you can infer that life has been good to the three Londoners. Nigel Carrington is pre-eminent as the Rector of the London University of the Arts, Patrick Hicks runs his own company and still sails with his brother at an international level, Jeremy Charles is one of those unmentionable financiers and I am a provincial doctor (just as in any play by Chekov). Reprobates who were unable to attend this time, but whom we hope to see before the next 40 years are up, include Paul Barrett (S. 1969-74) and Paddy King (B. 1969-74).

I might mention that our former Leconfield Housemaster, Rodney Fox, is also marooned here on the Isle of Wight. E A (Ted) Atkinson has recently jumped ship for the mainland, but I remain in close contact with him and his family at his new home near Blandford in Dorset; he was Durnford 1961-67, and his elder son, Jonathan (Jay) was Durnford/School 1994-99.

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