Unfortunately, due to an important change in the College schedule and a need for the facilities, we have to reschedule the event to the following day, Friday May 19th 2017. We understand that this is quite short notice and do apologise if this clashes with any of your plans. 

If you are still available to attend, please do let us know by either responding to this email or telephoning Veronika Neroj on 01273 704 250. If you are unable to join us on Friday May 19th we will of course reiumburse the cost of the luncheon.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for this change and I do hope that you are still able to attend as it should be a wonderful day catching up with the College, as well as new and old friends.

If you are travelling from further afield or don’t mind missing the earlier part of the day you are more than welcome to join us just for lunch from 12 noon, wives and partners are very welcome as always. Please confirm any special dietary requirements when booking. For any queries regarding the event please contact Veronika at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or telephone on 01273 704 250. 

10.00-10.30am Coffee
10.30-11.30am Tours 
11.30am-12noon Service, Brighton College Chapel 
12.00noon Luncheon, The Ginger Dog


Anthony Arnold-Boakes (Hampden, 1957-1962)
Roger Beasley (Hampden, 1949-1955)
David Blake (Bristol, 1952-1956)
Grahame Carr (Aldrich, 1953-1956)
Timothy Chapman (Bristol, 1950-1955)
Desmond Chapman (Leconfield, 1959-1964)
Sarah Dibsdall
Nigel Fox (Leconfield, 1958-1963)
Beryl Gardner
Ken Harris (School, 1949-1954)
Trevor Harrison (Chichester, 1967-1972)
Shirley Harrison
Joyce Heater
Hal Mileham (Chichester, 1959-1963)
Irene Mileham
Duncan Morris (Bristol, 1952-1956)
David Nelson-Smith (Hampden, 1949-1955)
Malcolm Paris (Aldrich, 1954-1958)
Angela Paris
Robert Peters (Bristol, 1939-1940)
Ruth Peters
David Pincus (Durnford, 1950-1957)
Anne Pincus
John Ridler
Mary Rumney
Tony Sharp (Aldrich, 1945-1948)
Robert Stephens (Hampden, 1950-1953)
Barbara Stephens
Anthony Vernon (Bristol, 1950-1955)
John West (Leconfield, 1946-1949)
Tony Whitestone
Christopher Wilson (Durnford, 1955-1958)
Peter Woolgar (Aldrich, 1971-1974)
Father Robert Easton, Chaplain
Rebecca Findlay, Head of Marketing and Communications
Veronika Neroj, Old Brightonians
Angelina Papadopoulos, Old Brightonians
Scott Sheridan, Director of Development
Joe Skeaping, Head of History
Abigail Wharne, Archivist
Paul Wilson, Housemaster of Abraham House

Old Brightonians Office:

Brighton College
Eastern Road
Brighton, BN2 0AL

+44 (0) 1273 704 250
Registered Charity Number: 30706

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