Wednesday, 29 November 2017

We are thrilled to announce that Professor Gavin Henderson, CBE (Le. 1960-65) will be hosting our annual OB Pioneers Club London Lunch once again at the Savile Club on Wednesday, 29th of November 2017 at 12pm.


Wives, partners and friends are of course very welcome to attend. The cost of the luncheon is ¬£50, and there are a variety of ways to pay for your convenience, please find these listed below. 

We will be meeting at the restaurant at 12 noon with a view to be seated by 12:30. We have organised a seasonal two course menu with a glass of wine and coffee to follow. Pre-luncheon drinks will be served on arrival, so do please arrive with plenty time to mingle and catch up with old friends.

Our Archivist, Abigail Wharne, who is now looking after all of our tangible heritage as well as starting an oral history project involving OBs. Abigail will be joining us so please do bring in any photographs or items from your time at the College, or stories to share!

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone on 01273 704 250. 


Anthony Arnold-Boakes (Hampden, 1957- 1962)
Jeremy Barrett (Leconfield, 1954- 1958)
Daphne Barrett
Keith Best (Hampden, 1962- 1966)
Grahame Carr (Aldrich, 1953- 1956)
Mervyn Dunhill (Bristol, 1959- 1964)
Jackie Fitzgerald
Adrian Ford (Housemaster of Head's House)
Jeromé Freedman (Aldrich, 1949- 1952)
Louise Freedman
Christian Gilfillan (Aldrich, 1960- 1963)
Orlando Gough
Piers Gough
Martin Harman (Durnford, 1960- 1965)
Gavin Henderson (Leconfield, 1960- 1965)
Michael Hill (Durnford, 1948- 1953)
Miles Hutchins (School, 1961- 1965)
Jeremy Hutchins (School, 1960- 1965)
David Leuw (Durnford, 1949- 1952)
Tim Loadsman (Leconfield, 1951- 1957)
Roger Mason (Chichester, 1956- 1959)
Margaret Mason
Jeremy Miles (Chichester, 1951- 1956)
Penny Miles
Barry Moore (Leconfield, 1963- 1967)
Richard Muir (Leconfield, 1958- 1968)
Veronika Neroj (Old Brightonians)
Colin Nicholls (Chichester, 1946- 1950)
Robin Ormerod (Leconfield, 1964- 1967)
Laura Ormerod
Malcolm Paris (Aldrich, 1954- 1958)
Angela Paris
Mike Rees (Durnford/Bristol, 1967- 1972)
Nick Rees (Durnford, 1962- 1965)
John Rogers (Aldrich, 1947- 1957)
Scott Sheridan (Director of Development)
Andrew Symonds (Aldrich, 1955- 1959)
Michael Thompson (Leconfield, 1962- 1967)
Stephanie Thompson
David Wagg (Aldrich, 1965- 1969)
Julie Wagg
Abby Wharne (Archivist)
Grant Whytock (Durnford, 1960- 1965)
Nigel Wratten (Leconfield, 1962- 1967)
Christopher Wray
Alistair Wray (Leconfield, 1963- 1967)

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