Written by Ingram Losner (D. 1973-78)
Saturday, 23 June 2018

Why do the 5 years we spent at the school seem like 40, and the 40 years we’ve spent since seem like 5?

It is hard to believe that it has been so long since we filed out of the History lecture room in the old Maltings building, as the late Bill Blackshaw sent us out into a wide, unsuspecting world with "memorable" words of wisdom.

And, it has been 40 years since many of us reconnected with each other, most certainly as a group. So, on Saturday 23rd June we will have perhaps what will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to do so at our 40 year reunion celebration at the College. We are planning to have a semi-formal dinner in the College Dining Hall, where I have been assured that the food will be of a slightly better standard than the fayre dished up in 1978, preceded by a drinks reception on the off-bound lawn, and visit around the College.

Together with the Old Brightonians, we would love to get as many of our year group back together as possible, but as you can imagine many of us have lost touch. The more of us in attendance, the more special this occasion will be. So, please register for the event below and encourage others to do so. We have also set up a 1978 group on Brighton College Connect, the official online networking platform for Old Brightonians, where we can re-connect with our classmates, share stories, recollections and old photos. The archivist at Brighton College has unearthed some real gems, so watch this space!

This special event also will give us the opportunity to remember and celebrate the lives and memories of two of our wonderful classmates, Camilla Ravenshear (Fe. 1976-78) and Jim Ager (Sc. 1973-78), who are very sadly no longer with us.

If you have any ideas or indeed questions regarding the event, please get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or get in touch directly with the Old Brightonians office at +44 1273 704 250.

I really hope that you can join us in June, for what I know will be an incredible evening.

With fond memories, love and best wishes.

Ingram Losner (BCJS / Du. 1973-78)




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