Saturday, 05 October 2019

It has been 30 years since many of us reconnected with each other, most certainly as a group. So, on Saturday 5th October 2019 we will have perhaps what will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to do so at our 30-year reunion celebration at the College.

Can it be really be true that it has been 30 years since we left school? It is hard to believe how the years have flown by- so much has changed but yet so much remains the same. 

If you haven’t visited the College for a few years, you will be amazed. Much still remains recognisable, but the swimming pool has gone, the memorable Sports Hall has been raised to the ground with a fabulous new School for Science and Sport under construction. The entrance has a brand new tower, completed to Sir George Gilbert Scott’s original design. The squash courts have been replaced with a recital hall that overlooks the Home Ground and the quad has been completed. Overall, an amazing amount of work has been undertaken to create a school fit for the 21st century and I haven’t even listed it all here. But the best of all- there is a smart new café named after Simon Smith.

We are planning to have drinks on the lawn (!) and a semi-formal dinner in the College Dining Hall, inviting prominent members of the 1980’s Common Room team to join us, many of whom are still intimately connected with College life.

If you have any ideas or indeed questions regarding the event, please get in touch with the Old Brightonian Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or get in touch directly with the Old Brightonians office at +44 1273 704 250.

Currently attending:

Kristy Adams (née Musgrave) (Fe. 1986-88)
Melanie Barrett (née French) (Wi. 1988-90)
Douglas Benzie (Ch. 1985-89)
JP Carpenter (Ha. 1984-89)
Philip Chettleburgh (Du. 1984-89)
John Chittenden (Ry. 1984-89)
Nicola Clark (née Rodgers) 
Faye Clews (née Beamont) (Fe. 1988-90)
Natasha Davis (Fe. 1988-90)
Thomas Doig (Ch. 1986-90)
Michael Duggan (Ry. 1979-88)
Mat Ellis (Du. 1984-89)
Joanne Ellman-Brown (Fe. 1988-90)
Sean Fraser (Al. 1986-89)
Christopher Gates (Ry. 1985-90)
John Green (Ch. 1985-89)
Jim Hammock (Ch. 1986-90)
Robert Holt (Sc. 1984-89)
Jay Littlewood (Ry. 1980-89)
Christopher Long (Du. 1984-89)
Toby Mead
James Michael (Al. 1983-88)
Daniel Mottram (Al. 1982-90)
Ralph Parfect (Ha. 1984-89)
John Prideaux (Common Room 1977-09)
Nicola Shefras (Fe. 1988-90)
Helen Smith (Fe. 1988-90)
Rachel Smith (Fe. 1988-90)
Jason Solis (Sc. 1985-89)

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