Written by John Berry (A. 1957-62)
Monday, 12 March 2007

The following letter is in response to comments made by Christopher Pett (H. 1962-67) in his golf report of the Summer of 2006.

Dear Editor,

Please remind young Christopher Pett that Aldrich House had plenty to shout about in 1962. We had recently moved from the anterooms of the Hall into the main body of the College, and under Geoff Lees’ “really” canny guidance, Aldrich was proving it could challenge the dominance of the boarding houses in all aspects of school life.

At this time, Hampden was still a corrugated iron adjunct, somewhere out near the fives court and its designs were the butt of all the “day girl” comments that went around, before the College became co-educational and, hopefully, politically correct.

As for his “all mouth and… but I digress!”, nobody could match us for our Horns (not even Durnford!). I should know; at every Aldrich match for three years, I helped to carry that bloody Buffalo Skull, and nothing came near it in size or weight.

John Berry (A. 1957-62)

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