Fran is off to Kathmandu
Written by Fran Gladwin (C. 2005-10)
Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Well I don’t know which is harder; preparing myself for the adventure of a lifetime which I’m about to embark on, or starting this blog. Like everything else for my trip I have of course left writing this until the very last minute, and for that I apologise.

Since leaving Brighton College in July I have spent several months in bed, toured Europe on a train, and worked for a plumber. At this point I would like to thank both Plum Heating and DMB Solutions for the kindness and generosity they have shown me over the last few months, and I have no hesitation in recommending both companies for all your plumbing and renovation needs!

Anyway, I have decided to spread my wings and pursue the teenage rite of passage; to go travelling for 6 months. This is much to my mum’s horror, who has been continually weeping for the last few weeks. (Very embarrassing when we’re in public...).

Tonight I fly to Kathmandu where I will be met by 'Tez'-recognisable by her 'welcome to Frangladwin' sign. We will then travel to Surkhet, a remote town deep in the mountains and 400km from Kathmandu. Here I will teach English to children in both the village and local SOS School.

I know very little about what to expect, and hope I won’t disappoint Tez, “the head miss”, who is expecting “a laddy teacher”. I’m glad to hear my reputation has spread as far as Surkhet... At present I am both terrified and beside myself with excitement. The adventure begins...

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