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The history of the College would be non-existant without the stories of its alumni who were educated and grew up within its walls. It is people who make the College what it is today, and we are proud to share with you a few stories below of what our alumni have achieved throughout the College's 172 year history. 

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Welcome to the Old Brightonians, founded in 1882. We are lucky to have an active network, and we are proud of our long and industrious relationship with Brighton College.

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Our pupils’ connection to Brighton College is life-long and we are proud to have a vibrant community of thousands of past pupils and staff in every corner of the globe. The Old Brightonians network offers a wide range of active sports clubs and societies, events worldwide, and a dedicated online platform for professional networking and re-connecting with old friends and teachers.

The Old Brightonians was established in 1882 and it enables former pupils and staff to keep in touch with one another, the College, and their former teachers, provides regular social occasions, both formal and informal, and helps members who wish to organise their own events when possible. We support a wide range of clubs and societies, sports teams and activities, and help Old Brightonians share their experiences and opportunities with one another. And most importantly, the Old Brightonians strengthen the links between Brighton College and former pupils.

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We are a global community with Old Brightonians in every corner of the globe.

Our Overseas Ambassadors enable our international events networking and reunion programme, maintain contact with the College and each other. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please contact us

You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively phone us on +44 (0) 1273 704 250.

We are based in the
Brighton College Bursary
1 College Road
Brighton BN2 1JA.

You can follow us on Twitter at @oldbrightonians or on Instagram at @obnetwork.

News and Results in 2005 and 2006 The Vets' side has been formed for OB's over the age of 35 to enjoy their rugby in a more relaxed and fun environment than they might have been used to in the OBRUFC 1st XV.

John Aiken (A. 1976-81) and Joey Appleton (D. 1979-84) organise sides of appropriate and equal levels of world-weariness on a regular basis, and notice of matches to come and tales of deeds daringly done will be posted on these pages on a regular basis.

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The OBAFC was formed in 1996 and has been playing in the Sussex Sunday League ever since.CALLING ALL FOOTBALLERS: WOULD YOUR GROUP OF FRIENDS LIKE TO TAKE OVER THE OLD BRIGHTONIANS FOOTBALL CLUB?

The OBAFC was formed in 1996 and has been playing in the Sussex Sunday League ever since.  The club has had much success over the years including 2 cup victories and numerous promotions.  We currently play in the Intermediate Division of the League (the second tier of 10 divisions) after 2 seasons in the Premier.  Over the last 12 years the backbone of the club has made up of the same group of players, however things cannot go on forever, and a combination of marriages, births, emigrations, and age related injuries mean that we are struggling to field a team and the club is in danger of folding. 

The friendships are as important as the football, and so we are looking for a group of enthusiastic footballers (and don’t worry if you are not all OBs) that we can hand the baton on to, and who will inject some youth into the club and ensure its survival.  Some of our players will no doubt wish to continue to offer their assistance to you on the field (and off it if you wish), but we need a new backbone.

For us, the club has not only been a medium to enjoy playing an excellent level of football, but a catalyst for enjoyment and laughter, and it has forged the strongest of friendships which will endure long after we have all stopped playing football.  We have toured Madrid, and Lisbon, played international fixtures, and been sponsored by local businesses.  It would be a tragic shame if the club were to fade away.

If you are at all interested in taking over, simply want to play for us, or if you would like to know anything more about the club then please get in touch with David Lawrence (07776 158633) or Ryan Heal (07852 285238).
CALLING OB at the OB office we are attempting to get in touch with everyone who might like to join in with all things OB Netball. Please contact the OB office (or comment here)!!! We know you are out there...don't be shy!

We are currently in the process of updating the OB Netball News Section, please contact us for more details.

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The records held by Brighton College Archive reflect our school's unique history. In an atmosphere that focuses on individual achievements, academic excellence and innovation, material is collected that will support our pupils' love of learning. The archive also offers a rich resource for Old Brightonians, researchers and genealogists.

The Brighton College Archive comprises:

  • Records of the College; This includes records relating to staff, governors and trustees; deeds and legal papers; financial records; plans; school magazines; records relating to pupils, including registers, photographs and work.
  • Personal papers; Belonging to Old Brightonians (pupils and staff).
  • Artwork; A selection of prints and paintings of the College, as well artwork produced by past pupils and staff.
  • Heritage Collections; Alongside this archival material, we also hold a small heritage collection, which includes rare books and artefacts.
  • The Brightonian; The Brightonian magazine has been digitised and is available here.

Research and enquiries:
Archive material can be accessed in the reading room at the College, by appointment only. If you would like to make an appointment, or have an enquiry, please get in touch with the school's archivist, James Harrison.

If you think you have material that could be added to our collections, we always welcome donations. For further information, please see refer to our Donation Pack.

To see more please visit  Brighton College International Schools.

There are a number of ways in which you can support the College. Whether it is providing mentorship to a fellow Old Brightonian, volunteering with us, or making a donation to the College, we are extremely grateful for the generous support of our alumni community.

Unlike its independent school counterparts, Brighton is not a wealthy school and cannot rely on an investment portfolio created by the founding fathers to fund capital projects. In its long history the College has relied upon philanthropic donations to fund major work. In order to maintain its beautiful Victorian buildings and provide first class modern facilities, the school has to run a 'tight ship' but also to seek the financial support of parents, former pupils, friends and generous institutions. The support of those who choose to 'give back' makes a huge difference to the College. There are many ways of giving to the college, and we are extremely grateful for any support we receive, regardless of the amount.

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