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10 August 2017

James Adutt (Le. 1982-87) OB of the Month- August 2017

James Adutt (Le. 1982-87) is a Senior Civil Servant in the Government Legal Department, and a classical pianist. We have been lucky to welcome James back to the College a few times now to help with our annual Law Conference, to give advice to Sixth Formers interested in pursuing a career in law. 

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13 June 2017

Miranda Rijks (née Cahn-Fe. 1983-85) OB of the Month- June 2017

Miranda Rijks (Fe. 1983-85) is a business coach, specialising in marketing and creative thinking. Miranda studied Law at Durham, and became one of the first marketing managers for a city law firm. 

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16 May 2017

Phoebe Haines (Wi. 2004-06), OB of the Month - May 2017

Phoebe Haines (Wi. 2004-06) is an award-winning British Mezzo Soprano, 

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01 April 2017

Jason Sugarman QC (Ry. 1982-87) OB of the Month- April 2017

1. When you were at Brighton College, what did you want to be when you ‘grew-up’?

I was interested in becoming a lawyer and a summer holiday job at a local solicitors’ firm in Brighton convinced me I was more suited to a career as a barrister. I was mesmerised from my first visit to a courtroom.

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28 February 2017

Ed Alison-Wright (Du. 2001-06) - OB of the Month, March 2017

Ed is the Global Director at Fairhomes Group of Companies, educated at Brighton College before gaining a BSc (Hons) in Estate Management from the University of Reading and becoming a Chartered Surveyor.

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02 February 2017

Kevin O'Mahony (Ry. 1979-84) OB of the Month, February 2017

Kevin O'Mahony (Ry. 1979-84) left the College in 1984 and has spent nearly all of his career since then working in the broadcast TV news business. He was part of the start up team when Sky News launched the UK's first 24 hour news channel in 1989, and from there moved to London News Network providing news, sport and current affairs programming to the Carlton and LWT franchises.

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12 January 2017

Su Wijeratna (née Cook - Fe. 1985-87) - OB of the Month, January 2017

Su Wijeratna (née Cook) studied geography at Birmingham University after leaving Brighton College. She began her teaching career at Epsom College before moving to Eastbourne College where she became a regular visitor to Brighton, finding herself as Elizabeth Cody’s opposite number at several fixtures.

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31 October 2016

Vanessa Cuddeford (Wi. 1996-98) - OB of the Month, November 2016

Vanessa Cuddeford (Wi.1996-98) read Archaeology and Anthropology at Keble College, Oxford.

Vanessa has worked as a news reporter and presenter for ITV, ITN, BBC and Reuters. She also works with corporate clients making films and training people to speak confidently. After nearly 20 years away from Brighton, she recently moved back to the city with her partner and son and lives a stone’s throw from the college - handy because her son now attends the Pre-Prep school. Vanessa can sometimes be seen reading the news and reporting on BBC South East.

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06 September 2016

Geoff Bailey (BCJS 1967-72 / Al. 1972-77) - OB of the Month, September 2016

1. When you were at Brighton College, what did you want to be when you ‘grew-up’?

I was at Brighton College from 1972 to 1977 (previous school was Brighton College Junior School from 1967 to 1972. My 'goal' was to work in marketing in an international business as I always wanted to be an expatriate.

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10 June 2016

Bill Gornall KIng (Al. 1971-76) - OB of the Month, August 2016

Bill Gornall-King is a Partner in the Commercial & Technology group at Boyes Turner LLP and specialises in helping organisations protect and exploit their intellectual property both in the UK and internationally. He is ranked by both Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession and The Legal 500 as one of the UK's leading IT and Corporate & Commercial lawyers.

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10 June 2016

Gordon Smith (Br. 1946-52 and Headmaster BCJS 1970-80) - OB of the Month, July 2016

Gordon Smith attended Brighton College from 1946-52. Upon graduating, he studied at Trinity College, Oxford, where he read English. He went on to work in various educational institutions, including Brighton College, where he was House Master of Aldrich from 1963-1967 and then Head Master of the Junior School from 1970-80. He is now retired but still maintains close ties to the College and has been an active member of the Old Brightonians, having been captain of the OB cricket club. We were very interested to hear of Gordon’s time at the College, both as an ex-pupil and staff member!

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08 June 2016

Ian Bateson (Sc. 2001-02) - OB of the Month, June 2016

Ian Bateson is an independent correspondent based in Kiev, Ukraine and has written for Reuters, the Daily Beast, the New Statesman, VICE, Al Jazeera and Die Zeit Online. He is a graduate of Columbia University and was a Fulbright grantee at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. He is currently working on a book on Ukrainian identity after the Maidan Revolution. We got in touch with him recently to find out about his time at Brighton College and what he's up to at the moment...

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12 April 2016

James Bettle (Ch. 1988-93) - OB of the Month, March 2015

James is part of our Old Brightonians network over in Hong Kong, and has attended several drinks and dinner events over the years. Plans are already underway for the next College dinner next December, and drinks are also planned for the summer (watch this space). We thought it was high-time we caught up with James to see what he had been up to since leaving the College, and how he ended up over in Hong Kong.

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01 February 2016

Philip Vaughan (BCJS/Ch. 1954-62) - OB of the Month, February 2016

Philip came to Brighton College from a childhood spent in Normandy, after attending the Junior School and the College, Philip went on to study at Cambridge before attending art school. Now settled in California, we caught up with Philip to look back on his time at school and highlights since...

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01 January 2016

Nick Toksvig (Br. 1973-75) - OB of the Month, January 2016

Nick Toksvig (Br. 1973-75) was born a long time ago in something called the 1950s. His father Claus was a Danish journalist who met his mother Julie when they both were at the BBC.

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01 December 2015

Jeromé Freedman (Al. 1949-52) - OB of the Month, December 2015

Jeromé began his Brighton College career in the Junior school amidst the chaos of the second World War, over seventy years on he is celebrating his 80th birthday this month and we could think of no better way to join in the celebrations than to make Jeromé this December's OB of the month.

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06 November 2015

Dr. Jeff Allan (Ha. 1968-73) - OB of the Month, November 2015

Dr. Jeff Allan (Ha. 1968-73) who, with his son Ben recently set the new electric car record for Land's End to John O'Groats, is this November's OB of the Month.

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02 September 2015

Graham Morrison (Ch. 1964-69) - OB of the Month, September 2015

Old Brightonians have a profound affect on College life for our current pupils, blazing a trail for the opportunitites that await. Graham has left his mark on the College in a more physical way than most as his practice, Allies and Morrison, were the architects behind both the Simon Smith Building and the most recent boarding house New House. We caught up with Graham to find out just how he grew from Junior school pupil to award winning architect...

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01 August 2015

Alex Bremer (Ry. 1979-83) - OB of the Month, August 2015

Alex is celebrating the birth of his new son Teddy this week, we thought we could take the momentous opportunity to catch up with Alex to look back on his time at the College and where life has taken him, so far...

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01 July 2015

Sarah Mann (Fe. 1985-87) - OB of the Month, July 2015

Sarah Mann (Fe. 1985-87) is performing at the Brighton Open Air Theatre (BOAT) later this month. Having achieved her dream of becoming an actress, we caught up with Sarah to find out just where her career has taken her since leaving the College...

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01 June 2015

Hannah Fish (Fe. 2000-05) - OB of the Month, June 2015

It is 10 years since Hannah (Fe. 2000-05) graduated from Brighton College, now 'grown-up' and helping us to organise a reunion for her yeargroup this September, we caught up with Hannah to see what has happened in the decade since leaving the College...

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01 May 2015

Roderick Essery (Du. 1951-55) - OB of the Month, May 2015

Roderick Essery (Du. 1951-55) has settled down now on the other side of the world in Adelaide, South Australia, but he remembers his time at Brighton College fondly with certian elements that became a large part of his life starting off here - rugby in particular! Rod was recently the oldest Graduand at Flinders University of South Australia, achieving a Ph.D Doctorate. We thought this accomplishment deserved some recognition and so he is this May's OB of the month!

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01 April 2015

Ron Gamble (Le. 1961-66) - OB of the Month, April 2015

Ron arrived at Brighton College in the Early 1960's as a day pupil in Leconfield, since graduating he has ended up on the other side of the world. He will be flying over from his home in Australia to join us at this year's Pioneers Club, so we are looking forward to hearing all the news from down under. 

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01 February 2015

Noboru Katsu (Ch. 1972-76) - OB of the Month, February 2015

Born in December 1957, Noboru, a Japanese national, came to the UK in 1970 before joining Brighton College in January 1972. After graduating from the College, he returned to Japan in June 1976 to study Economics at a Japanese University. He joined Mitsui & Co. Ltd in April 1981 and is currently Managing Officer, Chief Operating Officer of Iron & Steel Products Business Unit. Having travelled the world with his job, he met up with Head Master Richard Cairns as well as Lord Skidelsky on their recent trip to Tokyo. We thought we would find out more about what it was like for him studying in the UK and what he has been up to in the years since he left…

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01 January 2015

Simon Whatman (Br. 1974-79) OB of the Month, January 2015

Simon Whatman (Br. 1974-79) was Head of School in his final year at Brighton College, since then he's gone on to have a very successful career in banking, lived in the middle-east for over a decade and fathered two more recent College graduates. We caught up with Simon at the recent reunion for leavers of the late 70's to reminisce...

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08 December 2014

Chris Terrill (Al. 1965-70) - OB of the Month, December 2014

Documentary film-maker, author and all round adventurer, Chris Terrill certainly has some tales to tell from his days at Brighton College through to today, we managed to find time in his schedule to draw out some of those stories...

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01 November 2014

Philip Mitchell (Ha. 1960-65) - OB of the Month, November 2014

Philip Mitchell BA LLB (Ha. 1960-65) is a former City lawyer specialising in corporate law and is a long-time supporter of the College. He was a school prefect in 1964, graduated from University College London and was called to the Bar by Lincolns Inn in 1970. After eight years in practice as a barrister he was headhunted by Linklaters & Paines and requalified as a solicitor to expand their investment funds department.

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20 October 2014

Ian White (Ha./Ch. 1956-62) - OB of the Month, October 2014

Ian White FRICS is the Executive Chairman of Brighton College International Schools. He qualified as a Chartered Surveyor from the College of Estate Management, University of London, and spent his career with Richard Ellis and Son. By the time he retired, CBRE was a worldwide business of 225 offices with over 21,000 staff. Ian was elected to the Livery in 1984 and was Master of the Innholders' Company in 2011-12. He was Head of School and Head of House when he left as a pupil in 1962, we managed to catch Ian in the midst of his busy schedule...

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10 September 2014

David Nelson-Smith (Ha. 1949-55) - OB of the Month, September 2014

Head of School in 1954, David Nelson-Smith graduated from Brighton College almost sixty years ago but his connection with the College has continued right up to today. Always a keen supporter of the College as well as being in the role of Governor for sixteen years, David is now organising a sixty year reunion for the leavers of 1955 to celebrate this momentous anniversary. We caught up with him to see just what has transpired in those intervening years.

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01 August 2014

Simon Thomas (H. 1984-89) - OB of the Month, August 2014

Head of School in 1989, it’s been 25 years since Simon left Brighton College. The OB office caught up with Simon to see what has unfolded in that time.

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30 June 2014

Loren O'Dair (Wi. 1997-02) - OB of the Month, July 2014

Loren O'Dair (Wi. 1997-2002) was a music scholar at Brighton College. She studied Drama and Theatre Arts at Birmingham University and then completed her professional acting training at Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris.

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02 June 2014

Meera Samanther (Fe. 1977-79) - OB of the Month, June 2014

In addition to being a busy civil rights lawyer, women's rights campaigner, wife and mother, Meera Samanther has kindly agreed to be our OB Ambassador in Malaysia.

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08 May 2014

Lt. Col. USAF (Ret'd) Charles R Alexander (L. 1943-45) - OB of the Month, May 2014

Charles is flying over from the USA to attend our Pioneers Club next week at the College, and we are very much looking forward to catching up with his news. As a Lt Col. retired anaesthetist in the US Air Force we are sure he will have a few good yarns to tell us over lunch.

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01 April 2014

Gavin Henderson CBE (Le. 1960-65) - OB of the Month, April 2014

Gavin Henderson CBE (Le. 1960-65), Principal of The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, grew up in Brighton - where his first work in the theatre comprised holiday jobs backstage at the 'weekly rep' on the Palace Pier, and in pantomime at Wimbledon.

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06 March 2014

Dr Mamdouh Barakat (H. 1978-83) - OB of the Month, March 2014

Mamdouh generously gave up time to be one of our judges for the 6th Form Entrepreneurship Programme this year, having founded a number of entrepreneurial businesses across the Middle East, North Africa and the UK and grown them to industry niche leaders. He has a fascinating array of companies and an endless amount of passion and energy for all that he does, which is quite infectious.

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06 February 2014

Jane Haviland Webster (F. 1979-81) - OB of the Month, February 2014

The first female OB President, and the second female Head of School Jane has been trailblazing her way through College history and is now an Environmental Scientist.


As a key organiser of the 30 year celebration of girls at Brighton College we caught up with Jane as the celebrations for 40 years of girls at Brighton College get underway.

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03 January 2014

Paul Samrah (L 1972-77) - OB of the Month, January 2014

As part of the FA's 150 year celebrations, Paul Samrah was recently recognised by the FA for his close involvement with Brighton & Hove Albion. Paul was Chair of the campaign which after many years successfully secured planning permission for Brighton's American Express Community Stadium.

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02 December 2013

Alexander Hitchen (A/C. 1985-90)- OB of the Month, December 2013

The Hitchen dynasty is interwoven with British politics and journalism and Alexander himself is also no stranger to journalistic controversy. He was nominated for two Pulitzer Prizes for Investigative Reporting and National News Reporting for his expose of US Presidential nominee John Edwards in 2009 and is currently the Managing Editor (Pictures) at the New York Daily News.

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04 November 2013

Ollie Phillips (H. 1996-01) - OB of the Month, November 2013

Ollie Phillips is currently enjoying sailing with Team GB in the Clipper Race 2013/14. The OB office managed to catch up with him in Cape Town, where Team GB were celebrating securing first place in Race 3 of this round the world race. Ollie also found the time in Cape Town to show his support for the Stellenbosch Academy of Sport where he met up with the Springbok Sevens national team as part of his global 'Road to Rio' campaign ahead of the sport's debut in the 2016 Olympic Games.

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04 October 2013

Sophia Stuart (F. 1985-87) - OB of the Month October 2013

Starting initially as a journalist in the UK, Sophia (www.twitter.com/teamgloria_) wrote about art, fashion, media and technology for The Independent newspaper, The Guardian, Time Out (London), Black + White (Studio Magazines in Australia), Out (NYC), International Broadcast and Screen International. Sophia then went digital, leading digital media ventures for Hearst's U.K. operations (The National Magazine Company Ltd.) from 1999 to 2001.

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17 September 2013

Sir Richard Jolly (A. 1948-53) - OB of the Month, September 2013

Sir Richard Jolly is Honorary Professor and Research Associate of the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex.

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23 August 2013

Adrian Underwood (A. 1976-1981) - OB of the Month, August 2013

Head of School and Captain of the 1st XV in 1981, Adrian is currently based full time in Hong Kong. Adrian has been instrumental, with OB HK Ambassador Sidney Ko (S. 1973-79) in the recent activity amongst our Hong Kong based OBs. There's a Brighton College Reception in Hong Kong in September, and Adrian will be there, though the OB office did manage to catch up with him briefly this summer, when he came along to the Julian Withers Cricket Match on the last day of term.

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12 August 2013

Mark Green (A. 1973-78) - OB of the Month, July 2013

Mark Green (A. 1973-78) has been pretty busy in the world of patent-law since leaving the College, but has also found time to undertake an impressive amount of cycling, and was a Games Maker Team Leader at the 2012 Olympics.

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14 June 2013

Julian Withers (H. 1976-81) - OB of the Month, June 2013

The Withers family are rather an institution here at the College, Peter Withers taught here, and Julian after being schooled at the College and finished off at Cambridge then followed in his footsteps. Another generation of Withers are at the College at the present, and Julian's wife Alison Withers does sterling work as the College's Registrar.

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07 May 2013

Paul Lewis (H. 1951-59) - OB of the Month, May 2013

PAUL LEWIS was born into a family of professional musicians in Brighton, England, in 1943. As a child he was fascinated by history and ancient buildings, reluctantly learning the piano from the age of nine. At twelve he saw the Shakespeare films of Laurence Olivier with Walton's music and immediately realized he had to be a composer. He purposely avoided all formal training, choosing instead to leave school at fifteen and enter music publishing to find out how the music business worked from inside.

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28 March 2013

Samantha Washington (nee Fox, F 1989-93) - OB of the Month, April 2013

Samantha Washington (nee Fox, F 1989-93) was one of the first girl boarders in the Lower School. At the time, there were only 3 female boarders in the Lower Fifth. They lived together in a dorm next door to Miss Cody, who would sometimes sit outside the door after lights out to make sure they had stopped nattering. A William Stewart scholar, Sam went on to St Edmund Hall, Oxford to read PPE. She has worked in the City as a management consultant and then a banker, and is now a newscaster for Sky News.

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25 February 2013

John Spence (L. 1975-80) - OB of the Month, March 2013

While at the College John Spence played the Judge in the Government Inspector November 1976; and William Dudgeon in The Devil's Disciple 1978. He also had poems and prose published in the Brightonian throughout his time at the College, which he also sub-edited, and played in a rock band (considered very edgy in its time!). He went off to York University to study, but got way-laid by his burgeoning social life which he then turned into a rather impressive career. Named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010 by Ernst & Young, John is the entrepreneurial chairman and owner of Karma Royal Group. The OB office managed to catch up with him on a beach somewhere in the Maldives...

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01 February 2013

Dr Victoria Baines (F. 1990-95) - OB of the Month, February 2013

Head of School 1995, Victoria Baines went on to study Classics at Trinity College, Oxford and gained a PhD University of Nottingham. She is now a Strategic Advisor at Europol, specialising in cybercrime, and has also managed to somehow find the time to record a CD of folk songs, which is due to be released later this year.

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03 January 2013

Kenny Ives (D. 1990-95) - OB of the Month, January 2013

Kenny Ives (D. 1990-95) captained the first XI football team to victory in the Worth Shield in 1995, a feat that has yet to be repeated! Kenny then headed off to Brasenose, Oxford to study Geography, and then joined Glencore in 1998 where he has remained to this day. Kenny oversees Glencore's nickel sourcing, marketing, shipping, logistics, LME activities and investments. He has stayed in touch with the College over the years, attending various events, and despite travelling the world with his own career has volunteered to help out with the various careers talks provided by the OB office to current College pupils.

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11 December 2012

Jamie Thomson (H. 1972-75) - OB of the Month, December 2012

Jamie Thomson (H. 1972-75), author, games designer and all round creative gem recently won the Roald Dahl Prize for his wonderful book "Dark Lord: Teenage Years". Born in Iran, Jamie then grew up in Brighton where he met one of his co-authors Mark Smith (B. 1972-77) at school at Brighton College. He graduated from the University of Kent with a degree in politics and government.

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