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22 November 2023

2018 Leavers' 5 Year Reunion

Five Year Reunion in London for those who left in 2018. Wednesday 22nd November 2023 18:00

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09 November 2023

2013 Leavers' 10 Year Reunion

Ten Year reunion in London for those who left in 2013. Thursday 9 November 2023 19:00

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16 September 2023

2011 Leavers' 12-Year Reunion Dinner

Catch up with your old school friends over drinks and dinner at the College, on Saturday 16th September, from 4pm. 

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05 October 2019

REPORT: 1988, 1989, 1990 30 Year Reunion

It was wonderful to see so many Old Brightonians back at the College for our 30-year reunion dinner on Saturday 5th October. 

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13 January 2019

Hong Kong OBs meet up for January drinks in Wan Chai

Our Hong Kong OBs have struck once again with a successful drinks meet up at the trendy Bread and Beast in Wanchai last Friday night. 

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28 February 2018

OB West of England Universities Dinner 2018 at Hotel du Vin Bristol

With some many OBs attending Universities in the West of England, we decided that it would be only be fitting to host a dinner in Bristol following on from our OB London, Cambridge and Oxford dinners. 

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09 February 2018

REPORT: OB London Drinks 2018 at the Karma Sanctum Hotel Soho

The OB London Drinks is a fun and relaxed event which takes place every year in February. This year we visited Karma Sanctum Hotel in Soho, bringing together Old Brightonians of all ages, houses and professions. 

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16 December 2017

1977 Leavers 40 Year Reunion

The Jesuit motto was ‘Give me a boy until he is seven and I will give you the man.’ Well, until 1977 Brighton College had this group until they were 17 and after 40 years it was clear that by 17 the die was cast and little had we changed. Sure, much of the mens' hair had moved from the scalp to the chin but, that apart, little had seemed to change especially amongst the girls for whom the years had been kinder.

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29 November 2017

REPORT: OB Pioneers London Lunch 2017

This year’s OB Pioneers London Luncheon was held in the newly restored Ballroom at the historical Savile Club in Mayfair, hosted by Gavin Henderson CBE (Le. 1960-65).

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01 July 2017

REPORT: 1992 Leavers' 25 Year Reunion

It was fantastic to welcome our 1992 Leavers back to the College, and a huge thank you to James Temple-Smithson (Ry. 1987-92) for helping to rally the troops! 

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16 June 2017

REPORT: 2012 Leavers' 5 Year Drinks

It was fantastic to see some of our 2012 Leavers at their 5 Year Drinks at BOUNCE in London on Friday 16th June.

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19 May 2017

REPORT: OB Pioneers Club Brighton Lunch 2017

It was fantastic to welcome back our Pioneers to the College on Friday 19th of May for a tour of the College, a talk with Head of History- Joe Skeaping, and a delicious lunch at the Ginger Dog. 

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20 April 2017

REPORT: OB Brighton Drinks - 20th April, 2017

There was a fantastic turnout for the annual OB Brighton Drinks at The Mesmerist in the South Lanes of Brighton on Thursday 20th April 2017. Entering the Speakeasy room upstairs through a secret door, the room was full of OBs of all ages (attendee list below).

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08 December 2016

REPORT & PHOTOS: Pioneers London Luncheon Thursday 8th December 2016

The Pioneers Club was once again warmly welcomed by the Savile Club for this year’s London Luncheon, hosted by Gavin Henderson, CBE (Le. 1960-65).

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06 June 2016

PHOTO: Four "old codgers" reunite 60 years on!

Four old friends met recently to lunch in Oxford and spend time reminiscing about the College. All too many of our contemporaries seem to have preceded us to wherever!

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02 December 2015

REPORT: Pioneers Club London Luncheon, Wednesday 2nd December 2015

The Savile Club was a new venue for the Pioneers Club London Luncheon this year, courtesy of Gavin Henderson, CBE (Le. 1960-65), and what a beautiful venue it was.

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25 June 2011

REPORT: Reunion of 1991

Twenty years is quite a long time, especially when the current Y13's at our alma mater were two years of age when we left in 1991. Time is a very odd concept and what it does to you, either through the graceful ageing process or the fact that going back to Brighton last Saturday made us all feel as if it was just yesterday we left... and what a day we had!

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