24 April 2023

Our Alumni: Chinat Yu (He. 2017-19)

Chinat is founder of Quest2Learn, a start-up venture that is building virtual labs to improve hands-on experiential learning. Already, they have worked with the likes of Johns Hopkins and Chinese University of Hong Kong. Recently, Chinat was accepted into Stanford to study in their graduate master's program in Learning, Design, and Technology, where he will be further expanding his work with Quest2Learn, while also exploring the future of AI in education.

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28 October 2021

Robert Crabtree (Le. 1960-66) gives prestigious Franco-American Chemistry Prize lecture

In 2020, The French & American Chemical Societies (SCF & ACS) announced Robert Crabtree (Le. 1960-66), C. P. Whitehead Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, as the 2020 Franco-American Lectureship Prize, and as part of his prize, Crabtree gave the virtual lecture "Adventures in Water Oxidation" at the French Chemical Society meeting in Clermont-Ferrand, France, on 4th October 2021.

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12 February 2018

Philip Vaughan (BCJS/Ch. 1954-62) upcoming exhibitions

L.A. based artist and Old Brightonian Philip Vaughan (BCJS/Ch. 1954-62) works in sculpture, drawing, painting as well as public art commissions. Brought up in France, he arrived in England at the age of 9. It was at Brighton that he met modernist Gordon Taylor, who was his art teacher, and then mentor who started him on a lifelong love of architecture, painting, and sculpture. Read Philip's OB of the month feature here.

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01 February 2016

Philip Vaughan (BCJS/Ch. 1954-62), OB of the Month, February 2016

Philip came to Brighton College from a childhood spent in Normandy, after attending the Junior School and the College, Philip went on to study at Cambridge before attending art school. Now settled in California, we caught up with Philip to look back on his time at school and highlights since...

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06 November 2014

REPORT: The College's 6th form trip to the USA

Many thanks to all the Old Brightonians who made the trip for our 6th form to the USA such a success. 

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04 April 2014

REPORT: OB New York Dinner, Friday 4th April 2014 (co-incidentally the "Ambassador's" 21st Birthday!!)

The Old Brightonian USA group held its fourth annual dinner at the beginning of April at the beautiful Lotos Club on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Around 20 OB's and their guests enjoyed a first class 5 course dinner in the company of the Headmaster, Richard Cairns and the Deputy Headmistress, Jo-Anne Riley.

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09 February 2013

REPORT: Old Brightonians New York Dinner - Saturday 9th February 2013

Snow had fallen, snow on snow. But in the library of the sumptuous Lotos Club Old Brightonians found warmth and wonderful company at the OB New York Dinner, on Saturday 9th February 2013. Fortunately, some OBs had arrived before the snowstorms swept in and Brighton College staff had moved heaven and earth, well flights from New York to Philadelphia, and braved planes, trains, and automobiles to be present.

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24 March 2012

New York Dinner 2012 report

The Old Brightonian USA group goes from strength to strength! The second annual dinner was held in late March at the beautiful Lotos Club on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

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31 January 2012

Sophia Chauchard-Stuart (F. 1985 – 87) is coming along to the New York Dinner this year

Sophia is coming along to the New York Dinner this year, and recently updated us on her impressive career, which has taken her to the heart of magazine publishing in New York.

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10 January 2012

Ingram Losner (BCJS 1971-73, D. 1973-78) - OB of the Month, January 2011

In order to keep in touch with our ever-growing alumni, we have started identifying individuals to head up regional and country groups in areas where there is a thriving community of Old Brightonians. The commitment of these individuals' time will be an invaluable resource for the Old Brightonians, as they help us to spread the net in engaging our former pupils. In the USA we are lucky to have Ingram Losner (BCJS 1971-73, D. 1973-78). Ingram went to live in the US in 1994 for what he thought would be a two year stint, but ended up staying and making his life there.

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09 January 2012

Second Edition of Professor Stan Abraham’s (B.1952-56) book is launched

"A Practical Guide for Competitive Success" is an exceptional treatise on strategic planning for single-business companies that is at once academically rigorous and uncommonly practical, this book emphasises the pervasive role of strategic thinking in strategic planning, including searching for better strategies, business models, and opportunities. The book also provides original and proven techniques to develop viable strategic alternatives, as well as many other useful analytical tools.

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13 December 2011

Three OBs in Miami

Many thanks to Gary Wang (B. 1973-78), Chris Christoforou (A. 1975-80), and Tigger Gray (B. 1972-75) pictured here in Florida clearly drinking a toast to Old Brightonians! The New York Dinner is coming up in March, and we are very much looking forward to our USA gathering, if you would like to attend please do contact Rebecca Findlay in the OB office.

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11 October 2011

Mat Ellis (D. 1984-89)

We recently caught up with Mat after a floury of activity on the Old Brightonians LinkedIn Group. We asked what he had been up to since leaving the College, and here it is...

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01 June 2011

"Dear Old Brightonian Ruggers" by Charlie Grant (S. 2006-07)

With preparations underway for the World Cup in New Zealand this year, it is with an inflated ego and a great deal of national pride that I humbly submit that we have a new contender this year: The United States of America. That's right: the Eagles will go all the way this year, and no one will see it coming.

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19 March 2011

REPORT & GALLERY: New York Dinner, 20th March 2011

On a beautiful, early spring evening in the middle of March, 20 OBs and their partners gathered together in the beautiful Lotos Club, just a few blocks away from New York’s Central Park, to mark the re-birth of the “USA Friends of Brighton College”.

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01 August 2009

New York Reunion 2009

A select gathering of New York based OBs met up at the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel on Saturday 1st August. The College was represented by the President, the Headmaster, Richard Cairns, and the Second Master, Simon Smith.

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02 March 2006

Gerard Pearlberg's Letter From America

In September 2005, I co hosted the third annual All Star Running & Triathlon Camp with six time Hawaiian Iron Man Champion, Mark Allen (pictured on my right with hair in the photograph!). The camp also featured two time Olympic marathoner (Atlanta '96 and Sydney '00) Ronnie Holassie.

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03 February 2006

Prof. Paul Adams Teaching in Hawaii

I have been a professor at the University of Hawaii since 2001. Prior to that I was Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Mandel School for Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. I am currently working on restorative justice in child protection, virtue ethics in the helping professions, and classroom assessment to promote better teaching and learning.

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02 April 2004

Gerard Pearlberg's Letter From America

Life in the States is very interesting, we very much enjoy the quality of life that this country affords us.

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07 June 2002

San Francisco Reunion 2002

The 2nd OBA US Dinner was held in the Pacific Room at the Carnelian Room which is in the City's Bank of America building. Ingram Losner (D. 1973-1978) organised a sensational dinner in an extraordinary setting. The Pacific Room was for those of us not used to eating dinner on the 52nd floor of a skyscraper quite the most wonderful experience! The view alone was worth the trip...

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11 September 2001

Robert Eaton (H. 1977-80)

Robert died in the World Trade Center attack in New York on the 11th September 2001.

Robert, a former St Paul's Cathedral chorister, was working near the top of the North Tower for Cantor Fitzgerald. He was married to an American, Jacqui, in a ceremony in New York.

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