The Pioneers Club

The Pioneers Club is for our OBs over 60, many of whom are extremely active and often still working, but many of whom are now enjoying an active and equally busy retirement. The Club allows us to arrange activities for OBs of the same era, and in the last few years we have had all sorts of activities; tours of the College, a London Luncheon, a wine tasting over at Ridgeview in Ditchling, a garden tour of Gravetye Manor and a country walk to name a few. The Club has been very well received, and has often brought together OBs who haven't seen each other since leaving the College. As a result many luncheons have been arranged between old friends outside of the auspices of the OB office, and many have enjoyed a renewed acquaintance with the College.
29 November 2017

OB Pioneers Club London Lunch - 29th November, 2017

We are thrilled to announce that Professor Gavin Henderson, CBE (Le. 1960-65) will be hosting our annual OB Pioneers Club London Lunch once again at the Savile Club on Wednesday, 29th of November 2017 at 12pm.

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19 May 2017

REPORT: OB Pioneers Club Brighton Lunch 2017

It was fantastic to welcome back our Pioneers to the College on Friday 19th of May for a tour of the College, a talk with Head of History- Joe Skeaping, and a delicious lunch at the Ginger Dog. 

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08 December 2016

REPORT & PHOTOS: Pioneers London Luncheon Thursday 8th December 2016

The Pioneers Club was once again warmly welcomed by the Savile Club for this year’s London Luncheon, hosted by Gavin Henderson, CBE (Le. 1960-65).

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06 June 2016

PHOTO: Four "old codgers" reunite 60 years on!

Four old friends met recently to lunch in Oxford and spend time reminiscing about the College. All too many of our contemporaries seem to have preceded us to wherever!

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12 May 2016

REPORT: Pioneers Club Brighton Luncheon, Thursday 12th May 2016

On Thursday 12th May, we welcomed the Pioneers Club at the College, which is for Old Brightonians aged 60 and over. The ages of those who attended spanned from an Old Brightonian who left in 1940 to one who left in 1973!

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02 December 2015

REPORT: Pioneers Club London Luncheon, Wednesday 2nd December 2015

The Savile Club was a new venue for the Pioneers Club London Luncheon this year, courtesy of Gavin Henderson, CBE (Le. 1960-65), and what a beautiful venue it was.

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14 May 2015

REPORT & GALLERY: Pioneers Club Brighton Luncheon, Thursday 14th May 2015

Despite the rather grotty weather, by 10.30 on Thursday we had over 40 Old Brightonians, as well as a few long suffering partners come together in Scott’s Café for a quick cup of coffee and a welcome from Alan Bird – Deputy Headmaster.

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03 December 2014

REPORT: Pioneers Club London, 3rd December 2014

It was a cold December afternoon when we congregated at The Jones Family Project (a restaurant owned by OB Duncan Watts (Ry. 1979-84)) to enjoy a festive feast for the 2014 Pioneers Club London Luncheon.

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15 May 2014

REPORT: Pioneers Club visit to Brighton College, Thursday 15th May 2014

What wonderful weather and what wonderful company we all enjoyed at the Pioneers Club on Thursday 15th May. It was super to see so many past pupils, past and current staff and friends, reuniting in the quad and then in the Hordern Room (formerly known as the Chapel Music Room) for a catch up before chapel.

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08 May 2014

Lt. Col. USAF (Ret'd) Charles R Alexander (L. 1943-45) - OB of the Month, May 2014

Charles is flying over from the USA to attend our Pioneers Club next week at the College, and we are very much looking forward to catching up with his news. As a Lt Col. retired anaesthetist in the US Air Force we are sure he will have a few good yarns to tell us over lunch.

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16 May 2013

Pioneers Club, 16th May 2013

The Pioneers Club (for OBs over 60) will be held on Thursday 16th May, in Brighton. For 2013 we thought we would turn everything on its head and start off down at the Jubilee Ground at 10.00am (formerly known as the New Ground) down in East Brighton, so that you can have a good look at our wonderful new Pavilion and reminisce over time spent on the playing fields of East Brighton.

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21 February 2012

Pioneers Visit to RMA Sandhurst, Feb 2012

There are certain places that are heavy with the memory of those that have gone before. Half echoes of the past, like voices heard down a corridor, far off but still present. RMA Sandhurst is such a place, bustling as it is with the life of the current cadets it is also a testament to all those that have gone before them, not just in the memorials that stand proudly in the grounds but the whole place resonates with the remembrance of those that have passed through the gates. It is both poignant and proud, imposing and impressive.

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08 December 2011

Pioneers Club London Luncheon, December 2011

Le Café Anglais proved a spectacular setting for the Pioneers Club London Luncheon where Old Brightonians gathered together on Thursday 8th December. Friends were reunited for our gathering, and many a peel of laughter was to be heard over the wonderful array of photographs brought in.

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05 May 2011

The Pioneers Club, May 2011

Well what a wonderful time our Pioneers had in the Chapel Music Room, or Room D, or as it is now known it the Hordern Room after OB Michael Hordern (C. 1925-30).

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