Wednesday, 03 September 2014

As the Music School progresses, so the vision of a new Music School for the College is finally coming into focus. Alongside many other advantages that the Music School will bring, pupils will also benefit from state of the art recording facilities, enhancing and refining their performance techniques and of course recording them for posterity.

The Recital Hall, which will seat 150 on bench style seating will be the jewel in the crown of the build. Spectacular visually from the outside and aurally spectacular from the inside, the Recital Hall will give Brighton College a space for pupils to inspire and be inspired, helping music to soar at the College. Thank you to everyone who has helped this vision to become a reality.

Your seat is available to name in the Recital Hall for £1,000 (or £800 plus Gift Aid).

We are delighted that Old Brightonians are taking this opportunity to celebrate their connection with the College and are of course very grateful for the generosity of the many people who have contributed to our fund. If you are interested in sponsoring a seat by having an engraved plaque affixed, simply download this form for full payment and naming details.

Here is a list of some of those who have sponsored a seat and some of the plaque names so far:

Nicki Sayer

Mr H S Nedeham Browne (Al. 1956-60)

Grandparents of Louis Frost School House

Adrian Marlowe

Dr P Hirunpatawong

L.A. Winters and Z. K. Wang

Zeba G Mack

Oliver Champness Abraham House

Rachel, Hannah & Connie Hunter

Alexander and Tobias Pitman

Matty Faull

Jack Hindmarsh - remembered by Tim Lockwood

Mr N Greig (Sc. 1979-81)

Mr M D L Chowen

Matthew Ryan Harwood

Mr P L R Mitchell (Ha. 1960-65)

Mr S G R Smith (Common Room 1973-2011)

Mr S Li

Jonathan and Vicky Prince

Mrs G F Alexander

Ms J M Edwards

David Gold BCJS 1983-86 School House 1986-91

Shirley Waldron Fenwick 1976-78

Thank you Mrs Grocott from Alfie Laurence 2014

The Grocott Family

Will Emery 2009-14 Music Scholar Head of School

Edie Ireland-Myatt and Bill Ireland-Myatt

Maggie Briggs 2014

Harvey and Lewis von Biel

Benedict & Julian Keeling (2009-14)

Tim Loadsman (Le. 1951-57)

Melissa Chen Wade

Graham Appleton (Du. 1953-57)

Peter Cockburn (Sc. 1959-64)

Michael Pearson 1970-75 Chichester House

Lucinda Corrie 9th Girl Jan 74-Jul 75

Sam Holden

Scott Sheridan

Steve Patten

Tim and Susan Chapman

Evie and George Brydon

Mark Green (Al. 1973-78)

Peter and Judy Cockburn (Sc. 1959-64)

Mr G A Appleton (Du.1953-57)

Mr C Snell

Lt Col John Flood (Sc. 1950-54)

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