The Master, Richard Lynch-White, and his wife Lyn, enjoying a charity lunch in August at the house of Michael Sword Daniels (D. 1961-66), our Secretary
Written by Peter Cockburn (S. 1959-64)
Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The past year has been a difficult time as our meeting places have been of necessity changed several times. For many years the Lodge has enjoyed the hospitality of the College for which we are extremely grateful. However, recently the College has been unable to help due, we suspect, to the huge success of the school and the enlargement of its boarding numbers.

By changing our meeting days and dates we have now rearranged our schedule and we trust that our excellent relations with the College will continue. The meetings last year were held at the Masonic Centre in Queen’s Road and the Peacehaven-based East Brighton Centre and one dinner was held in a local restaurant after the weather limited supplies to the College. The snow disrupted us all but the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano also surprisingly caused us a most unfortunate rethink at the last minute as our new member, due to be in England on the night, was hopelessly delayed in Cambodia.

Never theless, the Lodge is not down hearted and we welcomed new joining members, Terry Barnett, father of Harry (D. 1983-86), Sean Heal (R. 1985-90) and David Lawrence (D. 1989-94).
In the Province of Sussex members were proud to be present when, in June, Grahame Carr (A.1953-56) was appointed and installed as the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, and at the annual Grand Lodge Investiture both David Hollinshead (former staff) and Reg Barrow were promoted for services to Freemasonry.  Richard Lynch-White, a past parent, finished his second year as the Master and handed over to Peter Cockburn ( S. 1959-64). During Richard’s time we enjoyed excellent ceremonial and two well organised and attended ladies’ dinners at Stanmer Park and the Queen’s Road Masonic Centre when, in addition to a good dinner, guests were able to tour the building under the guiding knowledge of Reg Barrow, the Sussex archivist and librarian.

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