Friday, 09 February 2018

The OB London Drinks is a fun and relaxed event which takes place every year in February. This year we visited Karma Sanctum Hotel in Soho, bringing together Old Brightonians of all ages, houses and professions. 

We are so lucky to not only have a fantastic community of Old Brightonians who keep in touch with us, volunteering and attending events, but also generous OBs who are willing to host us at their fine establishments!

This year we were delighted to host this popular annaul event at the newly opened an refurbished Karma Sanctum Hotel in Soho, part of the Karma Group family of hotels and resorts owned by John Spence (Le. 1975-80), also very kindly the sponsors of the 1st XV rugby team for the 2017/18 season. After opening earlier this year, it was announced as recipient of the TripExpert Experts' Choice Award, so we were all really looking forward to being accommodated in their stylish roof terrace bar! We can safely say that Karma did not disapoint, the evening was a huge success and we have had nothing but positive feedback. So, thank you Karma for hosting us this year! 

It was lovely to hear back from Ashkon Seyed-Safi (Al. 2006-13) who said “I always look forward to OB events, particularly the London Drinks. Not only is it a fun event where I can catch up with friends in a great venue, but also meet other Old Brightonians who attended the College at different times to when I was there and would not have had the chance to meet otherwise. I am really excited about the next one in 2018 and encourage all OBs reading this to come along for a great time.”

To view photographs from this year's event follow this link


Nathan C Adu (Leconfield, 2012-2014)
Tosin Ajayi (Fenwick, 1990-1992)
Kate Aspinall (Williams, 2005-2012)
Natalia Bakhir (Fenwick, 2010-2012)
Harriet D Barsham (New House, 2010-2014)
Damaris A Bateson (Chichester, 2012-2014)
Adam S Benzecrit (Leconfield, 2005-2010)
Shane N Bhimji (Leconfield, 2006-2011)
Ellie C Bonner-Perry (Seldon, 2010-2016)
Rob Bourne (Ryle, 1980-1985)
Alexander Bozic (Ryle, 2008-2013)
Alex L Bremer (Ryle, 1979-1983)
Hector Bunce (Leconfield, 2004-2013)
Robert I Carmichael (Bristol, 1978-1983)
Andrew T Cayley (Bristol, 1977-1982)
Natalie Chung (Fenwick, 2015-2017)
Emily Clifford (Chichester, 2011-2015)
Cameron Dashwood (Hampden, 2008-2013)
Charlie Dove-Edwin (School, 1976-1981)
Mia M Duffy (Fenwick, 2015-2017)
Sam Edge (Ryle, 1996-2001)
Fraser Embrey (School House, 2010-2015)
William A Emery (Head's, 2009-2014)
Rhona M Grant (Fenwick, 1980-1982)
Mark C Green (Aldrich, 1973-1978)
Harry Grocott (Leconfield, 1997-2012)
Phoebe Haines (Williams, 2004-2006)
Jonathan C Haney (Hampden, 1999-2013)
Lawrence Harlow (School House, 2010-2013)
Oliver J Harris (Hampden, 2010-2017)
Lucinda J Harris (Fenwick, 1974-1975)
Christopher M Hill (Aldrich, 2006-2011)
Thomas C Horan (Leconfield, 1976-1982)
John C James (School, 1959-1964)
Charlie Jeyes (Durnford, 2010-2012)
Geoffrey Kelly (Ryle, 1982-1987)
Michael J Laflin (Aldrich, 1973-1978)
Joy Lee (New, 2015-2017)
Alexander Lilburn (Hampden, 2006-2009)
Colette A Lister (Fenwick, 1981-1983)
Luke Littlewood (Ryle, 1979-1987)
Cuztina Liu (Fenwick, 2009-2013)
Sophia E Liu (Seldon, 2012-2014)
Dmitry B Lysenko (School, 2012-2014)
Bridget K MacDonald (Fenwick, 1981-1983)
Ryan Manyika (School, 2002-2007)
Phillip Manzi (Ryle, 1982-1987)
James A Manzoor (Hampden, 2004-2014)
Matthew Maxwell (Leconfield, 2002-2007)
Emma Maynard (Fenwick, 2013-2015)
Al-Amin Miah (Hampden, 2011-2013)
Gennady Mikhaylov (School, 2003-2008)
Jose Mirza (Durnford, 2001-2006)
Andrew Morrison (Leconfield, 2001-2006)
Benedict C Nagle-Taylor (Abraham, 2003-2008)
Astrid R Nord (Fenwick, 2015-2017)
Philip Papasavvas (Leconfield, 2004-2012)
Jon Pass (, -)
Marina S Pearson (Chichester, 2014-2016)
Nikita Pogorelenko (Abraham, 2011-2013)
John G Polsue (Bristol, 1965-1969)
Alan Poon (Aldrich, 2008-2013)
Christopher Poon (Aldrich, 1999-2004)
Jenny Poulter (Fenwick, 1990-1992)
Sophie C Preston (Fenwick, 2015-2017)
Matthew C Quarendon (Aldrich, 1985-1987)
Steve Rice (Aldrich, 1980-1987)
Stefan Rijnbeek (Hampden, 2005-2013)
Minnie P Rojanapenkul (Fenwick, 2012-2014)
Benjamin Salt (Aldrich, 1996-2001)
Joseph J Selby (Head's, 2014-2016)
Ashkon Seyed-Safi (Aldrich, 2006-2013)
Katherine A Siegler (Seldon, 2006-2011)
Katharine Stoddart (Fenwick, 1981-1983)
Benjamin Stott (Ryle, 1979-1984)
Samuel Susman (Durnford, 2005-2009)
Isaac Swirsky (Abraham, 2011-2016)
Florence Tai (Fenwick, 2009-2011)
Leora Taratula-Lyons (Chichester, 2005-2012)
Nigel Thomas (Chichester/School, 1996-1998)
Peter A Vizard (School, 1964-1968)
Shirley A Waldron (Fenwick, 1976-1978)
Jeremy J Walenn (Bristol, 1963-1968)
Matt D Walters (Durnford, 1977-1980)
Sarah Wang (Fenwick, 2011-2013)
Gary Wang (Bristol, 1973-1978)
Georgia S Watts (Fenwick, 1989-1991)
Jack R Wheaton (Head's, 2009-2016)
Lily Wilding (Chichester, 2010-2015)
Nicholas G Winsor (Bristol, 1975-1979)
Jonathan K Woodcock (Chichester, 1985-1987)
Florence E Wootton (Fenwick, 2009-2011)
Geoffrey Worsdell (Bristol, 1973-1978)
Joy Y Zhou (Seldon, 2008-2010)

Ben Frier, Housemaster of Alexander House
Ben Loosemore, Common Room
Ross Maggs, Head of Politics

Veronika Neroj, Senior Engagement Officer
Scott Sheridan, Director of Development and Engagement

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