Written by David Gold (S. 1986-91)
Friday, 28 August 2009

I am delighted to send you details of this year's GCSE results from Brighton College - the best results in the school's history, with 50 pupils achieving nothing less than an A grade.  The highlights include four sets of twins and a boy who moved to the school in Year 9 "to be himself" and clocked up 11 A*s including Classical Greek.

Following last week’s record A-level results, Brighton College further entrenched its position as an academic power house with outstanding GCSE results.  Fifty pupils achieved nothing less than an A grade.  Fergus Blair (15 years old) achieved 11 A* grades including Classical Greek.

The Head Master, Richard Cairns, praised the pupils who were the first set to enter the college during his time in post: “These are the best GCSE results in the history of Brighton College and I am delighted. The pupils and their teachers deserve every congratulation - not least because they also devoted so much energy and enthusiasm to other areas of school life: sport, music, drama and dance too.  Those who are enthused beyond the classroom are usually those who are also happy and positive in the classroom.

“I am particularly delighted for our top performer, Fergus Blair. He has really flourished in a school that allowed him to develop as an individual, free to explore his academic interests free of negative peer pressure. That is what Brighton College is all about: looking after the individual and harnessing his or her own particular talents whatever those talents are.”

It is also great to have 4 sets of twins celebrating today, securing grades that they probably never thought were possible.”

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