Graham Kerr (D.1946-49)

Born: 22nd January, 1934, London, Graham Kerr is an internationally known culinary and personality, award-winning author, master of metaphorical speaking and has been an established television personality since 1959.

His focus is on serving people who want to make healthy, creative, lifestyle changes and believes that the only lasting changes are the ones that we enjoy. His life goal is “to help to convert habits that harm into resources that heal.”

Graham has been an established television personality since 1959. He has aired over 1,700 programs including broadcasts in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Asia, Africa, United Kingdom, and Europe. Many of his programs are still airing on PBS, the Food Channel, and other locations throughout the world through syndication.

From January 1996 through April 2000, Graham was an Editor at Large for Cooking Light, the world’s most widely circulated Epicurean magazine with a readership of 5.7 million.

Current Projects - Graham Kerr’s Gathering Place is a series of 130 one-hour life-changing television programs. Production was completed in February 2000 and the show has played internationally in 2001 and was released on Public Television in the USA in Fall 2002. The program focuses on getting up front and personal by providing the audience with healthy alternatives that will improve their quality of life and sense of well-being. For the program, Graham and Treena crossed the globe in search of a deeper knowledge of the health and cuisine of many countries, including an understanding of the nutritional need and goals of local people. Each episode includes a health expert guest. His guest list includes over 100 physicians, health professionals and researchers, chefs, government officials and registered dietitians. Two books that will capture the topic and primary focus points of each episode guest will follow the series.

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