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25 April 2019

Starring Ella Ainsworth (Wi. 2007-09) from TV's 'Hustle' and 'Doc Martin', follow the hilariously absurd Kat as she battles to navigate her social anxieties by lying. About everything. 

12 April 2019

Named one of London's most influential People in 208 in the category Performance: classical music, tenor James Way was the winner of 2nd prize in the 62nd Kathleen Ferrier Awards at Wigmore Hall. He was awarded the 2016 Simon Sandbach Award from Garsington Opera, the 'most promising singer' award at the Dean and Chadlington Singing Competition, and holds an Indepdent Opera Fellowship.

04 April 2019

Ross Chisholm (Du. 2007-09) made his 100th appearance for Harlequins 1st team this weekend after 10 years at the Club.

04 April 2019

We are excited to hear that Nigel Carrington (Le. 1969-72) has been appointed an Honorary Fellow to St John's College, Oxford University. 

13 March 2019

Our OB this month is Australia-based Jeff Cheema, whose inspiring career history includes delivering around $1B of infranstructure across Australia, ranging from telecoms, to oil and gass, iron ore mines, roads and buildings. We were delighted to catch up with him at last year's OB Sydney dinner in December, and hear more about his life down under. 

06 March 2019

In early 2018 Calum was charged by the Harlequins Academy with developing a sustainable form of income for charity, following on from his ‘Head shave for Dad’ which raised almost £25,000 for Cancer Research.

27 February 2019

The 1957 Rugby season did not start off or end successfully. By January 1957, the 1st XV Coach E.L.B. Turner, had played eleven games. Of these eleven, there was only one victory, one draw, and a whopping nine defeats, including a 3-29 trouncing by St. John’s, and a 0-23 humbling by Cranleigh School.

14 February 2019

Beverley Brown (née Lowres) left Brighton College in 1979. She is now an Interim Content Director working on digital transformation projects and has had a successful career working for international organisations including SGS and PayPal. She’s still in touch with several other 1979 leavers and they meet up regularly to put the world to rights.

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