Written by William Tidy (Al. 2013-15)
Monday, 27 November 2017

William Tidy tells us about his internship with Karma Group over the past few months and how the Old Brightonians helped him get there.

"During my second year at Exeter university my course required me to secure an 8-12 month industrial placement for my third year of study. 

From being actively involved in the Business and Finances society at Exeter, where Josh Ash (Al.1998-2013) was the president, I understood the importance and value a strong network can have on finding a job/internship. 

The Old Brightonians provided me with a whole variety of contacts for OBs who they thought could help me with an internship. The variety was fantastic, however, the possibility of working in the luxury hospitality market drew my attention and this was Karma Group.

A couple of emails later I find myself at the Karma Sanctum Hotel in London Soho, meeting with Robert Faulkner (Ha.1973-79), Karma Group COO. Robert told me more about Karma Group and that the internship would be based in Bali, Indonesia where the Karma Groups Head Quarters is located. I jumped at this opportunity and before I knew it I was on the flight to Bali.

I have now been with Karma Group for 6 months and have 3 months left of my internship. The experience so far has been unforgettable. I have managed to visit all world class Bali hotels, attend Karma sponsored music festivals and offer support with Karma to their Bali children's charities.

In terms of the work, I’ve had great exposure to different roles, ranging from; trademark and company registration to helping host Bali rugby events and social media marketing campaigns.

I owe these fantastic opportunities to the help of the Old Brightonians network and the generosity of John Spence (Le.1970-75) Karma Groups Chairman. Hopefully after I finish my Business Management degree I will soon be back with Karma in some capacity.

My recommendation to any OB when it comes to offering internships is that something is better than nothing. I was lucky with securing an 8-12-month placement, however, 1 week to 1 month can be a fantastic opportunity for a student. As university and graduate jobs become more and more competitive, some quality work experience can do the world of good when submitting applications or as a conversation start in interviews.

I am very thankful for Rebecca and the Old Brightonians for helping me and encourage other OB’s who have the opportunity to offer help to the college and its students to do so."

We are always looking for OBs to share their experiences. If you are looking for an internship or if you are able to provide internships, please do get in touch with the OB office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone +44(0)1273 704 355, and don't forget to sign up to Brighton College Connect and join our groups!.

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