Andrew Cayley CMG QC FRSA (Br. 1977-82)
Friday, 23 March 2018

"In remembering, in being aware, we cannot stop it all happening again, but naïve as I may sound, I do believe that being aware, by never forgetting, by teaching and of course by very strictly enforcing these laws that prohibit these terrible crimes we can begin to reduce the risk of this cynical inevitability of endlessly destroying each other from age to age.” - Andrew Cayley CMG QC FRSA (Br. 1977-82), Director of Service Prosecutions and former United Nations International Prosector was invited to speak at the Roscoe Lecture series at St George's Hall in Liverpool.

The Roscoe Lecture series was launched in November 1997 to provide an open platform for debate on topics of public interest. Today, they are one of the UK’s largest public lecture series, regularly attracting audiences of over 800 people.

The Roscoe Lectures play an important part in the intellectual life of Merseyside, helping to foster informed debate, broaden horizons and perspectives, and uphold the crucial spirit of intellectual inquiry and free speech in which Roscoe passionately believed and are one of the UK's largest public lecture series, and Andrew now joins an impresive list of speakers including HRH Prince of Wales, The Archibishop of Canterbury, the President's of Ireland and Ghana and Sir Brian Leveson, now Chancellor of LJMU.

To listen to his fascinating talk Prosecuting Genocide: the crime of crimes, click here.

To read the LHMU article about Andrew's lecture, click here.

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