Monday, 10 November 2014

It was a chilly evening in November when the class of 2004 congregated back in the College in the newly renamed Scott's Café (previously the Café de Paris). Just past seven o'clock the first few Old Brightonians intrepidly made their way across the threshold, through the (currently scaffold-ridden) gateway and across the quad – ten years since they left as pupils.

Soon enough the room was abuzz with chatter and catch-ups as the crowd enjoyed a glass of bubbly to ease their nerves. The group was then split in two – according to houses, of course, to go on a tour of the College and, no surprises, a lot had changed. Several new buildings have sprouted up in the decade since these OBs graduated and even the old houses have changed on the inside if not on the out.

Everyone re-congregated back in Scott's to enjoy good food, a good drink and (mostly!) good memories. Ken Grocott, Assistant Headmaster at the College, spoke about what has changed, what hasn't and a couple of throwbacks to the years these OBs spent at the College which included Mambo No.5 at charting at number 1 in 1999.

The evening continued on and even with the traditional flashing of lights the cohort were reluctant to leave but eventually did move on... into town to continue the celebrations.

Thanks go out again to Lucy Lynch (Fe. 1999-2004) for managing to gather everyone together, to Ed Doyne-Ditmuss (Du. 1999-2004) Head of School 2004 who initially volunteered himself and then Lucy, and to everyone who came along – we hope to see you again soon!


Jonathan Nicol (Sc. 2002-04)
Ken Birnage (Sc. 2000-04)
Lucy Lynch (Fe. 1999-04)
Ellie Ashcroft (Fe. 2000-04)
Allana Austin (Fe. 1999-04)
Edward Brickell (Du. 1999-04)
Scarlett Buer (Ch. 1999-04)
Christopher Carter (Sc. 1999-04)
Brian Chuang (Sc. 1999-04)
Nikki Corrigan (Ch. 1999-04)
Matthew Curry (Le. 1999-04)
Alexandra Garrett (nee Daraio) (Fe. 1999-04)
Fleur Dawes (Wi. 1999-04)
Aidan Dodgson (Ry. 1999-04)
Charlotte Drew (Wi. 2002-04)
William Durrant (Sc. 1999-04)
Jonty Edwards (Sc. 1999-04)
Roland Foxcroft (Al. 1999-04)
Nicholas Hales (Du. 1999-04)
Andrew Hodgkins (Ry. 2002-04)
Josephine Jennings (Ch. 2002-04)
Benjamin Luke (Le. 2002-04)
Matthew McGlinchey (Al. 1999-04)
James Monk (Le. 2002-04)
Richard Newlove (Sc. 1999-04)
Maxwell Obermuller (Ha. 1999-04)
Sarah Palframan (Ch. 2002-04)
Daniel Rosehill (Ry. 1999-04)
Gareth Scott (Sc. 1999-04)
Jonathan Shears (Du. 1999-04)
Father Robert Easton
David Crichton
Ken Grocott
Elizabeth Cody
Tony Whitestone
Sandy Chenery
Joe Carr-Hill


Ed Doyne-Ditmas (Du. 1999-04)
John Spencer
Julian Withers
Simon Smith
Christopher Morrissey
Alison Withers

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