Friday, 22 July 2022

Bella Lack (Se. 2020-22) has released her first book The Children of the Anthropocene on Penguin books.

Bella, who only left Brighton College this year, spent a year talking to young people affected first-hand by the environmental crisis and captures the direct relationship between us and our natural surroundings – and why we must urgently preserve it.

Bella's book has been described as 'an inspirational manifesto for change' by MP Caroline Lucas, and the book advocates for the protection of both people and the planet. She restores the beating heart to global environmental issues, from air pollution to deforestation and overconsumption, by telling the stories of those most directly affected.

Bella is an ambassador for the Born Free Foundation, STAE, RSPCA and the Jane Goodall Institute, and has previously written for The Guardian.

The Children of the Anthropocene is available to buy now.

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