Brighton College breaks UK GCSE record
Written by Richard Cairns, Head Master
Thursday, 22 August 2013

It was smiles all round on Results Day today as we celebrated being the highest performing co-educational school ever in the UK, with 95% of  GCSE grades at A* or A. Last year, The Sunday Times named Brighton College UK School of the Year for being the only school to improve its results for seven years in succession. The college has maintained that extraordinary trend.

What is really special about these results is that they have been achieved by such a super bunch of youngsters. I really do believe that if you have a kind, considerate and supportive environment, pupils will achieve more than anyone might expect. Happy children are, invariably, successful children. That has also been reflected in their lives beyond the classroom. This is actually one of our strongest years for sport, drama and dance and I think this healthy balance of the academic and the extra-curricular has made them the interesting, lively and evidently successful people that they are.

• There were 838 A* grades and only 6 C grades.

• 103 (out of 144 candidates) secured A/A* in every single exam taken. Everyone secured at least 5 A grades.

There were so many individual success stories and some of the happiest faces today were those who secured A grades in everything when they had been expecting B grades. But, just as our lead goal scorers, actors and musicians enjoy their moments in the limelight, so it is right to give our academic high fliers their own moment in the sun. So, here are the names of those who secured at least A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*, with their schools of origin in brackets:

Shaan Bains (Copthorne Prep School)
Aidan Ball  (St Christopher’s, Hove)
William Bicknell-Found  (Great Walstead School)
Alexander Boyd  (Brighton College Prep School)
Isabel Bryant   (Brighton College Prep School)
Ling-Lu Choi   (The International School of Macao)
Duncan Commin (Brighton College Prep School)
Holly Cook   (Danes Hill Prep School)

Amy Davila    (Kampala International School)

Ellen Edmond   (Brighton College Prep School)

Max Edwards   (Thomas’s Clapham)

Matthew Faull  (Brighton College Prep School)

Montgomery Fricker   (Sompting Abbotts)

Michael Gaffney   (Brighton College Prep School)

Olivia Gavoyannis   (Ardingly College)

Georgina Grainger   (Holmewood House School)

Zoe Halford    (Brighton and Hove High School)

Rowan Hall Maudslay (The British School, Kathmandu)

Charlotte Haney   (Brighton College Prep School)

Annabel Holmes   (Brighton College Prep School)

Alisdair Hsu    (La Salle College)

Brian Hui    (Diocesan Boys School)

Phoebe Jackson   (St Aubyns School)

Megan Jones    (Brighton College Prep School)

Tim Lee    (Yew Chung International School)

Sandra Li    (Brighton College Prep School)

Jake Lytle    (Brighton College Prep School)

Hannah Marks   (Brighton College Prep School)

Katie Masters   (Brighton College Prep School)

Paul Miller    (Great Walstead School)

William Palmer   (Uckfield Community Technical College)

James Prideaux   (Thomas’s Clapham)

Christopher Saner   (Brighton College Prep School)

Owen She-Yin   (Brighton College Prep School)

Hugh Sibley    (Brighton College Prep School)

Isabella Soames   (Handcross Park Prep School)

Harry Stuart    (Lancing College)

Lauren Treacher   (Great Ballard School)

Daniel Wheeler   (Brighton College Prep School)

Silas Whiteley   (Brighton College Prep School)

John Willcox-Beney   (St Christopher’s, Hove)

Jack Witt    (Brighton College Prep School)

Timothy Xu    (Ningbo Huizhen Academy)

Marcus Yu    (International Christian School, Hong Kong)

These will, once again, be comfortably the best results in Sussex and are likely to place Brighton College among the UK top 10 schools in GCSE tables published on Saturday 31st August in The Times and Daily Telegraph. We will be alongside infinitely more selective schools, reflecting the true ‘value added’ of a Brighton education.

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