Monday, 15 June 2009

R J Langridge (A. 56-61)
S J Cockburn (S.1953/58)
L C W Rea (H/C 1945/51)
Bishop T J Bavin
D A Quayle (C. 1950-55)
I W Dodd (H. 1955-60)
Rear Admiral P G V Dingemans (D 1948-52)
W S Blackshaw (HM. 1971-87)
Professor Lord R J A Skidelsky (C. 1953-58)
Andrew Bowden
P F Cockburn (S.1959/64)
P W Bowles (A. 1945-50)
C D Loadsman (L. 1951-57)
Mrs Margaret Forster
R J M Saunders (A. 1963-68)
R H P Miller (C. 1945-49)
F P R Rumney (H 1937-39)
S C Apps (H 1942-46)
R W Brightwell (A. 1970-75)
Miss J E Haviland (F. 1979-81)
N F K Wilson (C 1934-39)
A J Symonds (A 1955-59)
G C Smith (B 1946-52)

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