President of the OBA, Tony Whitestone (ex staff, 1971-2006) at the Annual Dinner 2009
Written by Tony Whitestone (ex staff, 1971-2006)
Thursday, 01 January 2009

Having just glanced at the on-line Pelican, I have to admit to being somewhat ashamed at seeing that my last presidential letter to you was written well over six months ago! I hope that you have enjoyed a good Christmas, wherever you may have spent it, and I wish you the best of good fortune for 2009.

You can easily keep abreast with all the successes and many changes at the College through its website The College values its former members, and you are warmly welcomed to return individually and/or attend the OB events held throughout the year. If any of you wishes to help organise a specific year group reunion, please get in touch with Fiona Aiken.

I have been very pleased to hear from several of you (often from far flung places), bringing me up to date with your news and sharing memories with me of incidents I had long forgotten. In August, I am travelling with my wife to Beijing and Shanghai and would be delighted to meet up with any OBs living there. I also often travel to Switzerland, and have already been contacted by one or two OBs living there.

Best wishes to you all.

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