Written by David Gold (S. 1986-91)
Tuesday, 01 August 2006

Well it’s certainly all change here. It wasn’t enough to be appointed the new Development Director for Brighton College, I then went and got myself selected to stand for Parliament in Eltham, a key marginal constituency in South East London, for the Conservative Party. But fear not. As much as the OBA Administrator was hoping I’d have rather less time to find things to add to her list of tasks, it simply means I get up earlier and go to bed later!

And it’s not just my life which is changing. The OBA gained over 100 new members this Summer as the Upper Sixth graduated in a moving ceremony in the College Chapel. Those talented, bright young men and women have entered the next phase of their lives. I am certain, having met many of them, that they will are well prepared for the challenges they face. I am sure every one of us wishes them well and we look forward to welcoming them to some of the events planned for the future.

On the subject of events, if you have not yet booked your tickets for the Annual Dinner there really is no time to lose. We have already sold more than 130 at the time of writing and there is a strict limit of 160. Remember, Ann Widdecombe will be signing copies of her books on the night with a third of all proceeds going directly to the OBA. So please keep that in mind with the approach to Christmas!

Before the Annual Dinner we have Old Brightonian Day. This year’s programme builds on the success of 2005 and we really hope you can join us, on your own or with your family. The Chapel Service will include joyous contributions from the Chapel Choir and we will be reliving old times with shooting in the Armoury! Lunch is available and there will be plenty of sports activities, a unique exhibition of Art and Ceramics as well as a display from the College Archives, and the Headmaster’s Reception. If you haven’t been back in a while, the tours of the College provided by the Prefects will surely be the best way of seeing how the best has been preserved and improved.

Finally, please spare a moment to read through the news and reports on this website. It makes me so proud to count among our number such extraordinary people. Many have achieved great things in their chosen paths, while others have simply concentrated on just getting through ‘life’. These days, that’s quite an achievement in itself. Whether you are an achiever or a plodder, you’re always welcome at the College. And if you want to bring us and those who may remember you up to date with what you’re doing, this is your forum. Email or write or call us. Photos are always welcome, but what we really want to know is how you are and where you are in the world.

David Gold (S. 1986-91)

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