Written by Abigail Wharne, Archivist
Thursday, 16 February 2017

Andrew Potter (Br. 1957-62) recently got in touch with a set of photographs. Dating between 1952 and 1957, the images show Brighton College Junior School.

Andrew included many useful details in his accompanying message...
"The Bristol House photo was taken in 1962. The other pictures were taken when I was incarcerated in the Junior School sometime between 1952 and 1957.

My memory is a bit hazy as to who the boys are but may be:

  • Climbing on roof – Freedman.
  • Bowling – Davies. (Jeremy?)
  • On roof with jacket over head – Eric Burrell.
  • Pool table – senior common room.
  • Group of three – Car-Smith, Freedman, Myself.
  • Playground from common room before bottom wall removed. Scout room on left.
  • Tug of war with bat – Car-Smith, Davies. Playground wall now removed and replaced with wire.
  • Group – Bottom row right. Tony Belcher.
  • Man steering boat – Phillip Dore organist. Taken on choir outing on Arun. Summer 1957. Life jackets not needed in those days!

Can anyone help us fill in the gaps!?"

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