Written by Howard Sear (B. 1949-54)
Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I think I was the first OB to be married in the College Chapel, Saturday 30th 1961. I remember I had to spend three weekends in Bristol House to claim residential qualification. In fact our Marriage certificate gives my address as Brighton College. People think my wife Angela married a school boy! We’ve been married now for 50 years, and celebrate our Golden Wedding Anniversary this coming September.

I left school in 1954, having been there for only 2 years. I wanted to take an engineering apprenticeship, which I did. After that I joined Castrol as a Clerk and after 37 years finished up at Technical and Marketing Services Manager Castrol Middle East.

I founded the OB Rugby Club with Peter Rumney (H. 1937-39) played for a number of years, and was made a Vice-President. I also ran the OB Tennis team for a number of years.

What do I remember from my school days?

  • Fagging
  • Boaters
  • Not being able to turn left out of the School Gates as that was the direction of Roedean.
  • School and House Prefects giving Drills – 1 hour cleaning up and other chores.

School drills were given for a number of reasons for example:

  • Walking on the Grass.Only Masters and School Prefects could do that.
  • Having the Middle button of your jacket undone.
  • Having your hand or hands in your pockets.

Yellow Papers – given to you for bad work. You had to collect the Yellow Paper from your housemaster and repeat the work on it. More than two or maybe three a term and you were canned.

Given the cane or slipper by Masters and Prefects.

Many other good things as well!

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