1956 Brighton College Shooting Team
Written by John Marshall (L. 1952-57)
Thursday, 01 September 2011

"I was at Brighton College Junior School 1948-52 and Brighton College 1952-57 (Leconfield House). I qualified in Medicine at Guys Hospital, London University 1963. I then worked in Hospitals in Brighton London and Paris and in 1969 moved to Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa to further train in Internal Medicine and returned to London in 1972. In 1973 I moved to Tokyo to join the Tokyo Medical and Surgical Clinic where I still practice (http://www.tmsc.jp/).

My memories of Brighton College in the 1950's...

The good things:
Some memorable teachers - Geoff Lees(English), Peter Gough(Physics and stage craft)). Also my biology and chemistry teachers (Mr.Turner and Mr.Lloyd) who bolstered my interested in Science. Perhaps the happiest memories were being part of the shooting squad and later team. We would all load onto a coach once a week to the Steyning Practice Range with packed lunches. We took turns in the `butts’ changing the targets 200 and 500 years away from the shooters. There was often a chance for a forbidden cigarette there as long as the smoke was not seen by the accompanying Master (Roger Minor) at the other end. The there were the excursions for contests with others schools especially to the National contest at Bisley. Brighton College had a reputation as rabble rousers there. We would have secretive scrounging expeditions to collect the empty bullet casings to sell to finance the occasional alcoholic drink we enjoyed on these chances to escape from the rigid school discipline of those days

The not so good things:
Fagging (now abolished!), the sometimes Victorian discipline but above all the unisex nature of the school. The best thing the College did was to become a mixed school."

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