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If you would like to organise an event or reunion please get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01273 704 250

OB Events
03 March 2018

Brighton College Professions Conference 2018

The Old Brightonians is a fantastic international network, and we are keen to support the College careers programme with the wealth of knowledge and experience that this network offers. 

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OB Events
17 March 2018

OB San Francisco Dinner, 17th March 2018

This year's OB USA dinner will be hosted by the Head Master and USA OB Ambassador Ingram Losner (BCJS 1971-73, D. 1973-78) take place in The Archive, at Credo. We have a large community of OBs in America, and OB events are a fantastic opportunity for you to reconnect with your contemporaries, meet Old Brightonians based near you, and hear a little about what is going on at Brighton. 

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OB Events
19 May 2018

OB Pioneers Brighton Lunch- 19th May 2018

We host two special lunches for our OB Pioneers annually, one in London and one in Brighton, for our alumni over 60 who are linked through their memories of the College.

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OB Events
16 June 2018

2013 Leavers' 5 Year Drinks - 16th June, 2018

Calling all 2013 Leavers! Your 5 Year Reunion is next year, and we will be meeting you all in London with some of your old favourites from the Common Room.

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OB Events
23 June 2018

1978 Leavers 40 Year Reunion- 23rd June 2018

Why do the 5 years we spent at the school seem like 40, and the 40 years we’ve spent since seem like 5?

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OB Events
18 December 2018

OB Sydney Dinner 2018, 18th December 2018

This year's OB Sydney Dinner will be hosted by the Head Master and OB Australia Ambassador, Darren Curtis (Sc. 1990-95). The venue is yet to be confirmed, but to register you interest in this event please do so below! 

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